Monday, 20 May 2024

Top Tips to Get the Most Out of PS4


PS4 or PlayStation 4 System has an astounding launch line-up with over 180 games in development. With a gaming community connected at extreme depths, and worlds immersing with new games and updates, PS4 is the beginning of an incredible journey. It has a revamped design with this update, which is almost about 30% lighter and smaller than the previous ones, thus making it extremely user-friendly and mobile. This time, it also comes with even more realistic, High-dimension, and dynamic range of graphics, putting the needs of gamers over everything else.

It is branded by none other than Sony and has a storage capacity of about 500GB. It consists of a motion controller as well as a Blu-ray Player. The PS4’s supported services are PlayStation Network, Plus, and PlayStation Now –

Excellent Games

With the latest updates on Sony’s PlayStation 4, it’s brimming with best experience games could possibly provide. From the God of War to Marvel’s Spiderman, the PlayStation Store is a hub for the best games ever. 

PlayStation Plus

Do you want to play games and make friends all in one shot? Then the PlayStation Plus subscription is what you need. The subscription fee is less, and it offers a lot of additional benefits too.


We already established how to meet likeminded people through PS4, but you can also get connected with your real-life friends provided they own a PS4 too. Search up for their username, and the next thing you know is adventures together.

Youtube Content

The latest versions of PS4 lets you play and record your achievements. Be it the cheat for winning a round or show-off for killing the maximum number of enemies. Record it, compile it, and upload it on YouTube. You are definitely getting a lot of views, and who can say, might even look at it as a career option. 

So now we know how PS4 can be amazing for gamers. The PS4 price in Pakistan varies depending on the platform you are purchasing it from. When buying PS4, make sure you compare the prices online so that you can get the best price.