Friday, 14 June 2024

Which Chocolate is Good for an Anniversary?

Happiness is a simple thing! We all know that feeling we had when we bite down a chunk of chocolate. When it touches our lips and the way it melts on our taste buds with its rich and velvety layer of flavor, we will feel happiness brimming through our minds. Eating these delicious sweets truly has made us feel a certain way. Eating them makes us crave for more, and their taste is very memorable.

Perhaps we might wonder if that’s because their taste is delicious, but that’s not the complete answer. The full explanation has been answered through scientific research that explains why humans enjoy eating chocolates. They release endorphins in the brain, which is a type of chemical that our neurons use for communicating with one another. They can reduce the perception of pain and promote a positive feeling in our brain and body. Aside from that, they can also help to boost our memory. The cocoa flavonoids will help increase our memory retention, and thus they are beneficial for our overall brain health. They are also great for our heart, protect us against high blood pressure and diabetes.

The main ingredient in these sweets, cocoa, causes our brain to release these feel-good chemicals. Together with dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, these four neurotransmitters help us to trigger happy feelings. Science has also proven that eating these treats can lead to heightened romantic feelings because they are sweet. After getting a taste of sugar, we will be more likely to envision positive relationships and be interested in starting something romantic. They also contain phenylethylamine, the chemical that promotes feelings of attraction, nervousness, and excitement when falling in love. Love is sweet, and that is proven scientifically! If reading this whole passage has made you crave for some chocos, you can order them easily via chocolate bouquet Singapore and have them delivered right away to your front door.

Despite its delicious taste, chocolates have been commonly related to the expression of love. With those benefits listed above, it is not weird to link them with affection, as giving someone these treats will express that you care for them. Especially during Valentine’s Day, where chocolates are given to confess one’s feelings towards others, be it the feeling of romantic love, familial love, or as a token of solid friendship. Because of these reasons, you might wonder about packing some chocolates for your anniversary gift, especially if your partner is a chocoholic. It will be one thoughtful and memorable present for your beloved! We have compiled several types of them that would be suited for anniversaries below.

1. Assorted gift box

A box of these legendary sweets will be excellent for any occasion, including an anniversary. Inside the box will consist of various chocolates, from dark to milk choco. Each of them will be filled with exotic and rich flavors to enjoy!

2. Chocolate Basket

Ever had an idea to put these sweets into a beautiful container? You can fill the basket with various choco bars to get a stunning look and wrap them up with a ribbon for a grander appearance. Aside from filling the basket with only choco bars, you can also add them into fruit baskets for a fresher gift. You can quickly order a fruit basket via fruit basket Singapore for your new present!

3. Chocobear

Add packs of your chocolates along with a fluffy teddy bear to sit in the middle of your present. It will add an adorable vibe to your gift and surely will make your significant other feel happy!

4. Edible Box

If your lover is a total chocoholic, this would be the most beautiful idea for your anniversary! Make a memorable present by giving them a choco box that is edible and eaten up as the ones inside the box.

 5. Fruit-Choco

This is a unique concept of a gift. You can order a box of fruits covered by chocolates. The fruits are all dipped in chocolate and kept to dry, producing a juicy center and sweet-tasting choco on the outside.

6. Personalized Chocolate

This will be the anti-mainstream gift idea because your chocolates are all personalized, custom-made by your order! You can even add your own words in any style on the top of the bars from the different shapes and sizes. Surprise your beloved with this idea!

7. Chocolate Bouquet

This bouquet can be ideal if you plan to give an elegant present to your beloved. They are wrapped together with stunning and lovely ribbons, and you can add some sweet notes to the bouquet.

8. Two-Storied Treats

Make a stunning and grand present for your special day by packing up several choco bars in verticals and make them stand with two layers on the top and bottom, then wrap them with ribbons for a grander look!