Friday, 14 June 2024

Vivienne Polka Dots Maxi Dress For Your Next Staycation  


Going on vacation doesn’t mean having to travel abroad. My husband and I decided to take a staycation on the outskirts of Dubai.

I have always looked forward to dressing for a colorful summer but in 2020. Like most people, we had to endure the Covid19 lockdown.

With almost 2 months of our days spent indoors, it was time to go out and get a breath of fresh air that we have longed for.

We decided for the perfect resort destination right here in the UAE. Where it’s easy to social distance with other tourists.

The evening before our departure I was packing my essential’s staycation “must-carry” and this time I was sure including a colorful summer dress.

It couldn’t be a better time to enjoy the breezy beach weather in my Polka Dot Maxi which is a perfect colorful addition to my summer wardrobe.

Since dots mainly come in Black and, it may prove to be daunting whilst styling a dotted dress.

Well, especially this the season we see polka dots aka spots coming in colorful bright hues. It can be anxious and fascinating on how tricky it is to style a dotted dress.

The dress felt playful, glamourous and feminine credit to its flowlines…As I was walking down the stairs for dinner, I received a lot of smiles and compliments.

After dinner, I couldn’t help but just pause at every corner of the tree-lined beach villa trying out different pauses for a good click!

Vivienne dress has 3 paneled skirt and the lacy shoulder straps were the just one of the jaw-dropping the unique detail of the dress.

We unwind the day with Red bubbles and some fresh sea breeze blowing through the night.

I just loved the Green dotted maxi and would definitely seek the red dots too!