Monday, 22 April 2024

Accessorize the Korean Way — 10 Popular Korean Jewelry Styles for You to Try

Do you ever wish that you could just live in your KDrama life of glamour and fashion? Well, we may not be able to find your prince charming or a rich CEO to be your fiancé but we can certainly help you look the part.

Korean jewelry is all the rage these days thanks to its unique style that captures every woman interested in jewelry. The majority of Korean jewelry styles are targeted toward feminine and youthful styles so if that’s what you’re going for, then these trends will be right up your alley.

So how do you accessorize the Korean way? Check out these top Korean jewelry styles for you to find out.

  1. Anything Pearl and Gold Combination

A full string of pearls can be too matronly for many Korean women. But this jewelry style is still coveted by many because pearl jewelry is such a timeless and elegant style.

So what they did is they reinvent the pearl to make it look softer and less mature to cater to the young Korean ladies and the whole world loved it. The combination of pearls and gold hardware makes for playful yet elegant jewelry no matter what you wear with it.

  1. Purple Amethyst Jewelry

The BTS hype is real and it’s very much alive in Korean jewelry.

Lately, the whole world was taken by the purple hearts movement that is BTS. This Korean group sensation has swept many people off their feet and naturally, they want to show off their love in the most stylish ways.

Purple amethyst jewelry became popular in Korea because the color matches the group’s symbol. But even if you’re not a fan of them, this particular style of jewelry is still eye-catching.

  1. Bedazzled Animal Pendants

There is a quirky and cute side to Korean jewelry and this style is the perfect manifestation of it. Animal shapes encrusted with gems and stones are a popular choice for pendants and charms. If you’re an animal lover, getting one with the same features as your pet is a fun and sentimental idea to do.

This design is obviously worn on casual days and it’s a great way to break the monotony of your jewelry pieces.

  1. Flower Power

You cannot have dainty and feminine jewelry without having a floral style. Korean jewelry loves paying homage to nature imagery and it’s quite fascinating to see how many styles a humble flower could transform.

A floral bracelet made with metal hardware is not surprisingly the most famous Korean jewelry of this style. It’s chic, can be simple or extravagant, and very much in line with the Korean fashion look

  1. Rose Gold is the New Gold

Korean fashion jewelry dominated the market when the whole world learned about the beauty of rose gold. Until now, this make and color are still beloved amongst all Korean jewelry styles.

Rose gold is a great in-between when choosing gold or silver. A lot of Korean women feel like the shade of gold is somewhat harsh on their complexion when worn and silver jewelry is already common everywhere else.

So they naturally gravitated to rose gold which gives a muted blush of color without being too abrasive. It’s the perfect jewelry hardware that’s playful and classy at the same time.

  1. Long Drop Jewelry

While Korean ladies tend to stay clear of loud statement pieces that the other side of the world is obsessed with, they have their own way of bringing the extra when it comes to jewelry.

The structure of long drop jewelry is really popular in Korea. This style is characterized by having a long strand of jewelry extending from its body. The long drop style is commonly used in necklaces to accentuate the features of the wearer.

  1. Front-Layered Necklace

Layered jewelry is not strictly a Korean invention but they certainly made it better.

We all experienced wearing different necklaces at the same time and getting them tangled as we go about our day. While we certainly look chic with layered jewelry, it can definitely be bothersome. Front-layered necklaces became a popular style in Korean jewelry for this reason —chic yet comfortable.

  1. Black Silver Jewelry

Korean jewelry also has some edge and spunk to it.

The rise of black silver jewelry design is a surprising contrast among the dainty Korean jewelry styles. But it turns out, people loved it and it’s still trendy to date. Jewelry made out of black silver definitely stands out and gives more character to your style. Pair it up with an LBD and dark-tinted shades and you’re set to become a powerful lady boss.

  1. Jewelry with Chunky Hardware

Turns out, Korean street fashion is obsessed with plain, chunky hardware like the rest of the world.

The allure of Korean street fashion is all about breaking the boundaries of femininity. It’s a movement with style and the jewelry designs that came out of it are sure to be the perfect addition to your collection. Large polished chains are a popular choice for earring and necklace combo. This edgy style is definitely out of character for Korean mainstream fashion jewelry but there’s a reason why more and more people are hooked on it.

  1. Minimalist Bare Metal Jewelry

If Korean street fashion is about being loud and shocking, then this one is as subtle as possible. Generally speaking, Korean jewelry is minimalist in nature but this particular style makes minimalism look maximalist in comparison.

The bare metal jewelry style is all about keeping things as small as you can. This includes extremely thin rings that look like will snap at a slight pressure, barely-there dangling earrings, and bracelets the size of a single thread.

While unnoticeable jewelry seems like it defeats the purpose of wearing one, it’s actually quite an art form of styling. If you combine several bare metal jewelry pieces, it gives off an elegant cohesive look that is only achievable by carefully picking which pieces to wear. It might be a ton of effort for such a small and minimal style, but the results are astonishing and breathtaking!