Monday, 22 April 2024

Essential Considerations To Lessen The Risk And Damage Caused By Hackers

Hackers have been dissolving security layers of companies to steal data and launder money since forever now. It doesn’t mean that cybersecurity experts haven’t been trying to eliminate such threats, it just means that cybercriminals have been evolving newer tricks to match the sophistication level of the latest cybersecurity methods. Precisely, the problem of data stealing and hacking is still as serious as it was before. Such a situation calls for some extra methods if you want to guard your assets.

The first basic technique to defeat modern day hackers is by understanding the tricks they use and the one trick that has been identified to be on a rise is the ‘Island hopping technique’. Hackers have lately been using this technique to crawl their way into the network system of many companies. Thus, you should be well prepared in advance to deal with the security concerns that might affect your company because of the ‘Island hopping hacking technique’.

What Is the Island Hopping Technique?

First things first – to combat any hacking technique, it is necessary that you first know what it is. Island Hopping, in particular, is a meticulous method in which hackers breach secondary network sources instead of the primary source. Following which, they try to break down the other security layers to finally hijack the primary network source having all the sensitive information. There are 2 ways to deal with this hacking method.

1- Guard your primary network strongly

2- Keep the damage control system ready at all times

The basic ways to guard your primary network against Island Hopping are given below.

  • Apply all basic filters like a firewall and an antivirus
  • Use the network segmentation technique to avoid storing all information within the same network

Next comes the efficiency of damage control tricks that determine how severely a business is hit after it is hacked. To ensure that your business suffers as less as possible, keep the following things rolling.

  • Store all sensitive information in a backup network to prevent complete data loss in case hacking does occur. In such a case, your security team is able to regain access to all the information in the primary network and minimize the damage
  • Hire white hat hackers to be a part of your security team. Having them onboard means equally capable minds working against one and other. Ethical hackers regain network access as quickly as it is lost at the hands of unethical hackers, minimizing memory leaks and financial loss