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Flirty (And Sweet) Valentine Gift Box Ideas For Husband

Being in a long-term relationship can be a lot of fun and exciting. You’re newly married, your partner is right there by your side, giving you the attention and love that you’ve never had before in your life. 

Of course, like almost any new situation, it’s also filled with some challenges. One of the biggest challenges most couples face is what to do for their other half on Valentine’s Day. Funny enough, this holiday of love and romance is actually one of the most challenging holidays for most couples to figure out.

The good thing is there are plenty of options out there that you can choose from to make your Valentine’s gift extra special. However, it still takes a lot of creativity and effort to find the ultimate gift that you know he’ll love.

So what do you do?

Well, here are some flirty Valentine Gift Box ideas for him that will work great for any guy:

1. Start with a shower.

Buy him a shower-themed box of chocolates. As for the accessories and body products, you can choose from a wide range of hot and steamy scents like coconut or honey. You can even go as far as to buy him a bottle of aftershave lotion.

These items will come in handy when he gets out of the shower and is looking to spoil himself with some sweet treats. A gift box from Iamyoubox jam-packed with chocolates and snacks always works wonders. They also have shaving kits wrapped for you, so you can just buy the box and wrap it up.

2. Get a manicure set for him.

The holidays are over, so it means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That means your other half is probably trying to get into that romantic mood with his favourite girl. So what can you do as a special gift? Well, your guy will love it if you get him a cute set of nail polish and some tools like manicure sets and nail clippers.

3. The Valentine’s Day brunch date

This one is a favourite among many couples. If you’re the type of person who enjoys having breakfast together almost every day, why not make it special? Make your Valentine’s Day date super sweet and special by having a mini-lazy morning in bed with your best man.

This surprise gift is a great way to let him know you care about him and show him how much you love him. For a romantic start to the day, prepare your guy’s breakfast with his fave fruits, coffee, and tea. Be sure to add some chocolate syrup for that extra dash of sweetness! If he’s not that big of a breakfast lover, what about making a simple steak dinner?

4. Get a Valentine’s Day card for him.

Old-fashioned is always good, but this time you can make it a little more creative by getting him a Valentine’s Day card. You can really let him know how much you love and appreciate him by purchasing that cute set of handmade gift cards.

You can also go for some cute stationery with playful messages like “I’ll never forget Valentine’s Day” or “Happy Valentines”! After all, the only important thing on Valentine’s Day is the act of loving someone else. So let your partner know it!

5. A bachelorette picnic

Your other half is a huge sports fan, and since he is leaving for a little trip for the weekend, you can buy him some gift boxes that are related to sports. For example, if your guy happens to love soccer or basketball and can’t wait for the season to start again, get him a new pair of jerseys or boots.

You can get him some snacks like beer or popcorn with candy-flavoured vegetable oil. If he’s really into soccer, then you can go ahead and get him some drinks like energy drinks or sports-themed sodas. The bachelorette picnic gift will certainly surprise him when he comes back home.

6. A special dinner for two

This is a classic Valentine’s Day gift for couples that have been together for a while now. You can do this by getting a restaurant gift card. You can also get him a nice set of tickets to the theatre or a concert.

7. A dress-up game for your other half.

Even if you guys are already past the days of being silly and crazy with each other, you can still get him something that will make him laugh for sure! Gifts like these seem completely out of the ordinary, but they’re the gift ideas that will make your guy laugh the hardest.


So, which one of these gift ideas do you think is the best? It all depends on your individual situation!

If you’re in the mood to surprise your other half and make him feel like a million bucks, then we recommend you check out our full collection of flirty Valentine’s Day gift boxes. You’ll be surprised at how much he’ll love it!

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