Monday, 22 April 2024

Top Impressive Facts about Moda Grunge 

Grunge fabric is quite popular across the USA. The reputed company known as Moda Fabrics manufactures this unique blend of material that appears slightly dyed, smudged, and textured to the users. It is the brainchild of Rachel Benchley, who happens to be the designer of Basic Grey Fabric collections. 

Manufacturing Procedure

The unique fabric, Moda grunge, is first dyed, and then the designers print the layouts to create the final textured look. However, the printing technique determines the fabric’s final look due to the combination of the colors.  

Ideal for Quilting

One of the underlying reasons this fabric has gained such popularity is that it helps people make unique quilts. Quilts are comfy, and people love to gift these to their near and dear ones. You will be amazed to see how the gorgeous colors of these fabrics add modern texture to give a distressed look to the quilt. One can also give it a fair twist by combining different colors and fabric panels along with grunge. 

Color Selection Range

The grunge fabrics are more about solid colors but come with a slight twist. The texture and the blend of the material aren’t like the typical ones available in the market. You get to choose between beautiful yet multifaceted swatches to determine the appropriate one for your purpose. The primary collection comes in different colors like Marshmallow, Grey Couture, Holly, and Jade.  


While designing a quilt, one of the primary concerns is the comfort quotient of the same. Grunge fabric is the ideal one for it as it is 100% cotton and comes with a rubbed look. Along with that, you get to select from different kinds of layouts like:

  • Grunge Hits the Spot
  • Grunge Hits the Spot Metallics
  • Grunge Metallics
  • Grunge Seeing Stars
  • Grunge Seeing Starts Metallics

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