Wednesday, 17 July 2024


Fashion trends rarely stay constant. They change every season. Sometimes they stick for a while if they’re huge hits with the people.

Fashion trends are more like a cycle. We see so many 70s and 80s designs make a comeback last year. Watching movies from those times makes us think ‘Wow these guys were hip!’

2019 has already seen the demise of coloured tights, fancy leggings and excessive fringes on clothes and accessories. Even so, this year has its own gifts to give, fashion-wise. So here are the top fashion trends of 2020:


Stripes on your toes, your skirts, your pants and your dresses are what’s hot this season. The more chic option is definitely brightly coloured, thin stripes, in zigzag, horizontal or vertical patterns. Almost every major designer has included stripes in their clothes in some form. They have certainly made one huge statement this year.

See Through Dresses

This design trend is a personal favorite here. It started off with wearing see through sleeves, then moved on to skirts and entire dresses.

Oh, please don’t compare this trend with the naked dresses with cleverly placed ornaments that celebrities are all over these days. This is far less intimidating than that.

This is because these clothes are usually adorned with other layers which simply have an added sheen of light clothing on them and that’s it.


Remember how we talked about old trends making a comeback? Well, Florals are just one example of these decades’ old trends coming back in 2019.

They’re honestly the aptest print for spring what with their bright bold colours or pale, feminine shades with lovely flowers. They certainly capture the essence of spring.

We like our floral prints on ruffled dresses, all kinds of skirts and funky tops. A huge statement Florals have made is being printed on jumpsuits. Many people even mix and match floral printed tops and bottoms and flaunt their fully floral fashion statement.

Glitter on

Slather glitter on your clothes or accessories will make a delicious fashion statement this year. We’ve seen glitter on the borders of your clothes, on one-half of your clothes and even on the entirety of your dresses and accessories and we can safely say that we love it! Why did shiny, glittery accessories even die out in the first place?

Pair up glittery pants with a plain top or vice versa or wear plain clothes with a really glitzy bag or a hat and flaunt it shamelessly!

Artistic Prints

Lastly, another huge trend of this year which we’d love to point out is going to be the hip artistic patterns we see on usually white clothes. Be it paint splatters or brightly coloured abstract shapes, artistic prints can be found in the wardrobe of almost every huge designer in 2019.

We love watching people walk around referencing masterpieces from the art world, it’s quite a strong and powerful statement that will be staying its time in 2020.