Monday, 22 April 2024

Special Flip flops for the Marriage Day

Wedding rucksacks and flip flops have become more than a treat: they are a guarantee of prolonged entertainment on the dance floor of the wedding.

Neither more nor less

  • The first question in buying something as individual as a flip flop and in large quantity is how to hit the proportion between units and sizes.
  • The first task depends on the size of the party or the count of the well-known and dreaded guest list.

Defining details

Making the havaianas rose gold flip flop as unique as the expectation of the bride and groom is an expected task for the making of the items.

And for bridesmaids, who are often close to the bride, flip flops can still be more special from personalization with rhinestone buttons on the straps or on the side, organza packaging to differentiate or even a bundle of salts for rest.


In order to guarantee the order in a timely manner and within budget, it is essential to consider the manufacturing time, which is 30 to 45 calendar days, in addition to the bargaining power and agenda of the suppliers in advance.

Distribution of wedding flip flops

To facilitate the delivery of the flip flops to the guests, it is important to plan the right time to distribute them as the form of storage.

Now that summer is almost over, it’s enough of closed shoes. Learn how to choose flip-flops that are ideal for leaving your feet in the clouds and, for breaking down, your look even more fun.

To call your own

No dragging models larger than your feet or ironing. The numbering of your shoes should not vary, but the tip is that the sole of the flip flop needs to slightly exceed your heel.

Flip flopsMade of rubber

Striped flip flops are the first choice of a lifetime, there’s no mistake. Bet on traditional versions to go to the beach or stay up, at home, at the weekend.

Made of leather

Take your leather flip flops for a spin. With a tidy face, the versions in this material look good in a look for barbecues or soft meetings with friends during the day.


The slide models, which have a single wide strip in the instep, are the craze of the time and have come with everything to double the dose of style your look. One-color models without prints leave the style more refined and versatile. Patterned with superhero motifs, for example, can be reserved for day to day or a roll of good.

Many people still wring their noses, but that it is synonymous with total comfort that we cannot doubt. In addition to leaving the productions with a more basic and detached footprint without much effort.

The combinations are endless, you can wear it with a jeans and a T-shirt and make a very basic style, or bet on a more relaxed look and match the flip flop with a midi skirt. To help you put together some looks with the flip flop slip.