Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Size & Types Of Towels With The Purpose Of Use

Bath Towels, one of our daily used amenities which was not as popular in the ninetieth century as it is today. But according to historians, towels were invented long before the ninetieth century. It was invented in Bursa, Turkey in the seventieth century and was mostly used in Turkish baths. The towel was then made up of lines or cotton, woven by hand mostly, called peshtemal. And with time they were made popular throughout the globe and mass-produced for day to day use.


Nowadays, towels are made from cotton or by some type of cotton ad polyester blend. The large size of cotton yarn was first bought and then it is spun, warped, weaved, bleached, dyed and at last cut into appropriate sizes according to their use. Towels can be of a different color to different designs and in various sizes according to their usage.

The standard sizes are: Face towel-30*30 cm, Hand towel-20*28 cm, Guest towel-50*100 cm, Bath Towel-100*150 cm, and Bath mat-48*78 cm.

And though, Bath towel (ผ้าเช็ดตัว, which is the term in Thai) mainly do not have complex designs, hand or face towels are made to look fancy. They are woven by a machine called, dobby loom.

Types of Towels And it’s Uses

There are various types of towels used for various causes, such as:

  • Bath towels, used for drying our wet bodies.
  • Beach towels, used to lie on beaches.
  • Sheet towels, used in baths, saunas, etc.
  • A Foot towel can be used instead of the bathroom mat.
  • Oven towel, used as an apparatus in the kitchen.

Some other towels are there as well like Sports towels, used by sportsmen. Sweat towel or gym towel. Dishcloth and kitchen towel, used in the kitchen. Washcloth used to apply soap to the body. Wet towel, used in Japantowelore eating and Sanitary towel or sanitary napkin, washcloth menstruation, Paper towel, and disposable towels.

How Towels Absorb Water?

Now coming to the science behind the use of towels, bath towels made of highly water absorbent fabrics, like cotton. Towels are made up of really tiny fibers of these materials, which give towels a very large surface area. As water goes from a point of higher concentration to a lower one, when we use a towel it soaks water from our wet body. And as it has a greater surface area than our body, water concentration does not rise too quickly and it continues to soak up more water and make us drier.