Monday, 22 April 2024

Sewing the Just the Way It Should be

Sewing is your passion or do you want to make it a job? Whether for one case or the other, the practice of sewing passes through learning for those who do not know. In this article, we give you tips on how to learn how to sew.

Sewing material

For starters, you will need to go to a haberdashery or sewing store to stock up. You will need a sewing machine (preferably mechanical) with accessories (cans, needles, reels). You will also need pairs of scissors (one for the fabric and one for the paper).

Bring chalk to mark the stitches. You will need a tape measure to take measurements, needles or pins to stitch the fabric and make small seams.

Take sewing classes

You can do it online or register in classes. Find out in your area, you can find classes and sewing groups. It is possible to learn alone, but in a group assimilation is better. This will allow you to acquire a little more mastery and to learn a little more on the subject. Online, you can download tutorials on YouTube, Dailymotion and many other sites.

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Learn how to use your machine

To know how to use your machine, you must practice what you are taught in class. Also, since the purchase of the machine, some sellers offer to make a demonstration. Do not refute the proposal, you could win something.

Sewing pattern

The pattern represents the design of the garment that wants to be sewn. It is he who defines the quality of the seam. Making a pattern involves copying and cutting the pattern on a sheet of paper. Patterns can be found in magazines. There, the patterns are already cut; sewing margins given and detailed explanations with many diagrams. The use of the Marketplace Mayhem Overlocker Thread is perfectly mentioned online also.

  • Buy books
  • Make a selection of books discussing the subject and you should use them in libraries.
  • Choose your fabrics
  • Loose fabric

We must start with a banal fabric. It will not cost you more than 10 euros. You have to take more and more tissue. Indeed, since you are a novice, you will not succeed in one fell swoop.

Start with simple cuts

First of all, you have to learn to sew sleeves, elasticated belts and to make beautiful finishes, closures and buttonholes.

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Sew when you feel like it and share

To achieve quality work, there must be inspiration. Do not force things. Get to work when inspiration comes to you. The more you enjoy making your models, the more you do wonders. Finally, submit the work done to the appreciation of others in order to improve you.


Because when you start sewing – and when you start in anything else – there are failures. And the failures, it’s cool, because it allows learning a lot of stuff. But if you start with a silk dress at 25 € per meter, and you cannot wear it, you’ll have the balls. So, with not too expensive fabric, you can train, do a lot of tests, it does not matter.