Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Read This to Know About Straight Razors and Their Benefits

People have again started taking interest in straight razor shavings, so in this article, we shall try to know little about its history and how people use it and, what are its benefits.

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A brief history about straight razor

During the year 1680, the first style was created for a straight razor in Sheffield, England. Its earliest models used to have handles with silver coating and looked almost similar to most of the other smaller knives.

During the late 1800s, its modern-day version of straight razor started taking its shape, which also included pins and scales. As the manufacturing of these razors started increasing, straight razors were made in Europe and America, as superior straight razors started coming up in Solingen, Germany.

Even today, straight razors are still the most preferred tool for all barbers to provide you the closest shave as possible without any irritation.

Few benefits of straight razors:

  1. Great for the skin

A straight razor will cut along the skin surface and thus eliminating any skin irritation that many people generally experience.

  1. Enjoy the process

Though it may take little time for learning the technique, after that, your shaving will be most enjoyable.

  1. Traditional

For hundreds of years, men have been using safety razor for shaving and people also enjoyed using it.

How to shave by using straight razors

The following are the steps to be followed for shaving by using a straight razor:

  1. Place your straight razor in the hand by using your index, middle, and also ring-finger on the blade’s top with the thumb placed in the center. Whatever grip you may choose, you will feel it is comfortable. If by using this method, you are not comfortable then you can always feel free in switching it up.
  2. Start shaving by beginning with your right side of the face where sideburns will meet your hairline. Just hold the razor by keeping at an angle parallel to the skin and by using the opposite hand, try to pull your skin away from your blade.
  3. Now shave downward with your grain with small, smooth strokes. Excess hair can be rinsed after every stroke.
  4. Similarly, continue in the same manner for the right cheek, and go down and then over the jawline to the neck.
  5. Take extra care while shaving your neck.
  6. You can repeat all those steps mentioned above on your left side of the face.
  7. After both sides of the face are done, proceed to the upper lip, and by using the opposite hand, try to pull your skin down and shave downward from your nose with small and quick strokes.
  8. Pull your lower part of lip up as much as possible and shave again downward from your lip to chin and then down your neck.

Finally, wipe down your face and then follow up by using aftershave and any best moisturizers and you are done for the day.