Monday, 22 April 2024

Information on Septic Safe toilet paper

Most people do not think about clogging or care about their septic systems until they have to pay something. It is always said that precaution is better than cure. One should always check before flushing that he is flushing the septic safe toilet paper or not. Continuous flushing of normal toilet paper can result in clogging of drains and hence this will result in the occurrence of costs. To avoid such costs one should prefer septic safe toilet paper as they get dissolves faster and also needs less water to get degraded and also maintains the balance of the septic system.

Which kind of toilet paper should be avoided for a septic system?

Different types of toilet paper can cause problems in the septic system. The labels help in buying rationally as they tell that whether they are septic safe or not. If one wants their septic system to be alright then they should avoid toilet paper with these characteristics:

  • Avoid ultra-thick toilet paper as they get dissolve with a difficulty. No doubt they are comfortable to use but according to the septic system, they might be harmful to it.
  • The three-ply toilet paper should be avoided as well. The plies mean the number of layers of paper on toilet paper. The three-ply is considered luxurious but flushing it might create clogging in pipes.

The toilet papers with such characteristics are not a good option for the septic system.

Go for Biodegradable paper

If one wants their septic system to run without any blockages then the biodegradable paper can also be considered as they are made in a way to get degraded easily. The biodegradable paper is made of bonds that are looser than other papers and hence it degrades easily than other papers. Another plus point of using biodegradable paper is that it is cost-efficient as the user need not to call cleaners for septic cleaning regularly. 

Also, it is safe for the environment as there would be fewer remains in the environment and it will degrade much faster and causing less pollution to the environment.

The toilet paper is more of a necessity these days and along with it, people want to save money on it. They know that it is not possible to not buy them but the other option is to be cost-efficient. One can do this by buying septic safe toilet paper and this will save on maintenance of the septic system. Another option for saving can be buying in bulk, as this will also save a lot of money. If one does not want to change the rolls again and again then he can go for jumbo rolls as they have more paper in it and need not get changed frequently. One can buy jumbo rolls in the septic-safe category as this will save money and will need fewer efforts for changing the roll. 

Hence, if one thinks rationally he can save even on the toilet papers as well. This way they are saving money and the environment both at the same time.