Monday, 20 May 2024

Housing Design, Development, and Architecture

As an architectural company, there are many ways to approach each development project. Some the skills architects need today are not simply designing a nice looking or practical barn conversion, office extension, or new build, but to also include sustainability into the design. This applies to architectural design for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

As a result of the call for sustainability and more practical housing and commercial design, architecture just a decade ago is quite different to what it is today. There are solar panels to consider, new ways to release or keep heat in or out, waste efficiency such as water used in a shower or sink can be stored and reused rather than immediately discarded.

Housing solutions through Martyn Pattie provide social and economic integration through the delivery of strategically designed commercial, residential, and mixed-useinfrastructures.The philosophy behind Martynpattie’s mixed land use projects creates a balanced commercial and residential environment providing housing in communities that provide living spaces for a diverserange of social classes.

All Martynpattie’s housing development projects are purposely designed and constructed around the specific social and economicneeds of the community. Design and project implementations includes developingresidential housing that will strategically fit in with commercial operations that operate as the growth engine behind economic expansion in the region housing development projects are enacted.

Martynpattie’s focus is to develop multi-unit housing, mixed land use and land mixed infrastructure developmentsdeliverluxury housing, affordable housing, and government sponsored housing as well as affordable private and government sponsored complexes. This is achieved via the construction of detached, semi-detached houses, luxury and/or affordable housing, gated communities and low to high rise commercial and residential developments.

Accordingly, Martynpattie projects provide shorter transport routes between commercial and residential areas as well as prevents the construction of illegal or unsustainable residential shanty towns. Furthermore, housing projects encourage commercial growth, increased expenditure, taxes and government revenue, and an ever increasing labor force.

Finally, housing development projects benefit from the creation of Martynpattie’s food securitysolutions developed in nearby rural and urban communities. These projects involve hydroponic and aquaponic infrastructure solutions guaranteeinga highly notorious food supply in the region and encouraging an expanding food industry within the housing communities.