Monday, 20 May 2024

Write a Letter to Santa Claus for Fulfilling Our Wishes

It is the funniest and also exciting thing for Christmas like writing a letter to Santa for fulfilling our wishes at Christmas. We all eagerly wait for Christmas night and also we start preparations for the night before many days of Christmas. We do many things to celebrate the night. Everyone does different things for the night. All start the shopping for the night for buying new dresses, lights, Christmas trees, gifts, and many other things they do. Some people arrange parties at their homes/places. Some organize a party at other places. Many of the people celebrate the night with their family members at their home and many people go out to enjoy the night.

Even the whole city or state is celebrating the Christmas Eve. All the places are decorated with beautiful lights, the Christmas tune rings all around and many people just give free services to the customers.  In all these things, kids have their dreams. They write letters to Santa. They write all their wishes in the letter, so the Santa fulfills all of them.

Children are very kind-hearted and also they are so innocent. They always do the things by which others make feel happy and forget all their pain and stress. That’s why people say that kids are the form of God.Every year millions of children write letters to Santa. They write their wishes in the letter to fulfill them by Santa. And Santa also givesa gift to all of them. Many times Kids also get a letter from Santa.

Children do many things to write a letter. These are:

  1. Make a list of the things they want

They start to write the things before Christmas that they want from Santa. They write lots of things that may be a gift or any other wish. That wishes maybe for themselves or others.

  1. Choose paper

They try to choose the best paper for writing their wishes. They make sure that their paper never destroys or never be damage easily. And Santa gets it early and feels happy.

  1. Choose the pen or other item

They choose the pen, pencil and many types of colors to give their writing a new and beautiful look. And it works. They write with different things that give letter uniqueness.

  1. Decoration

They decorate the letter by making pictures on it. They add borders of lights, stars, snow, boxes, and many other patterns, that their letter looks different and gorgeous.

  1. Write what they want

They mostly write the things that they love and want. Many times they also add someone in their wishes. They make sure that they mention only the thing that loves and want to fulfill, because it is very difficult for Santa to make happy and deliver gifts to every id in a night.

All these things are done by a kid for getting gifts that they want they write in the letter to Santa.