Monday, 20 May 2024

Why you should consider giving gift vouchers this year

What do you buy someone who has everything? It’s easy to feel like buying a gift voucher is something of a cop-out, but they’re a far better gift idea than you might have first considered. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest reasons why gift vouchers come out on top… 

They get to choose a gift

Perhaps the most obvious reason for choosing a gift card over buying a gift is that your friend or partner can choose their own gift. The chances are that they’ll receive dozens of presents from their loved ones, but only some of them will be things they want. Instead, you can buy them a voucher from their favourite store and they can buy something they actually do want, whether it’s a new laptop, a watch, or even a hamper full of their favourite foods.

You’re supporting small businesses

Another benefit to gift vouchers is that you can support local businesses. In today’s tough times, gift vouchers represent an investment and commitment to businesses – you’re keeping them going when they’re not trading in the same way as they usually would. From an afternoon tea experience at a local cafe to specialist equipment shops (like Auchterlonies, one of the best golf shops in St Andrews Scotland), you’re helping those firms to stay afloat. 

It’s harder to get it wrong

Unless you’re way off with the store you choose, it’s much harder to go wrong when you buy a gift card for a loved one. There’s really nothing worse than buying a gift for the sake of it or buying something that you know they’re not going to make use of. With a voucher, you know the types of stores they like to buy from, so you can make a more informed decision. 

They can buy something in their own time

Finally, gift vouchers typically have a one to a three-year expiry date, so the recipient can choose to buy something in their own time. For example, if they love fashion, they could save up vouchers to their favourite designer outlet and then go on a shopping spree when they have an event to look forward to. Or they could put the voucher towards a bigger purchase to help lower the cost. Vouchers offer the recipients more freedom and control.

When buying a voucher, make sure you read the terms and conditions and be confident that the company will still be trading in a year’s time. Most country’s laws stipulate that vouchers are rendered worthless should a company go into liquidation; be mindful before purchasing.