Monday, 22 April 2024

Why Shoppers Gravitate Towards Lab Grown Diamonds

There has been a shift in recent years for couples to look at lab grown diamonds rather than earth mined materials. Since there has been greater attention paid to the controversial exercise of mining for these goods, consumers across Australia have gravitated towards a supply chain that continues to deliver excellence without any of the ethical dilemma attached to the practice. We will discuss why this shift has occurred and why these brands offer real value.

Optimal Purity

Whether it is lab grown diamond rings or those that have been earth mined, it is important to source products that offer the best purity available. Outlets that specifically design these goods have the resources to upgrade the purity of the product. When they have been brought up from the ground, there is no flexibility to improve their standing when it comes to purity and clarity.

Affordable Selections

When it comes to the value produced by lab grown diamonds, they are consistently more affordable than their counterparts from earth mined suppliers. Given that they are manufactured domestically, they don’t have to be imported from niche overseas markets that have to cover labour costs and shipping. Those savings are passed onto couples.

Greater Size Selection

With the financial parameters extended with lab grown diamonds, couples get to enjoy the expanded diamond sizes that would otherwise not be available. Suddenly this opens up new opportunities for products that are showcased with one, two and three carat varieties, increasing the volume of the investment without having to pay over the odds.

Easy Maintenance Provisions

From applying a soft toothbrush to leaving the item in a clean overnight, lab grown diamonds are very easy to maintain. Mined goods can be chipped and eroded over time, creating a concern for men and women who worry about the integrity of the item over the long-term. When it comes to peace of mind, it is beneficial to source these selections instead.

The Ethical Decision

The diamond industry provides a great amount of joy and value for community members, but it has come at a great cost. Many of these materials derive from third world countries where labour practiced for mining these materials have led to death and despair. By opting for lab grown diamonds, consumers are investing in a process that is safe and 100% ethical. As difficult as it can be in the 21st Century to be ethical with every customer choice, this industry offers a very definitive distinction.

Supplier Brand Clarity

Finding products in this industry can be fairly easy when dealing with jewellers, but when the question is asked about where the material came from, suddenly a response won’t be forthcoming. The fact remains that earth mined products could derive from anywhere in the world at any point in time, creating an issue for those suppliers who want to authenticate the asset and ensure that it comes from a legitimate party. Lab grown entities have full transparency with their tracing.

Environmentally-Friendly Choice

The very act of mining for these materials across the world leaves a string of destruction for sacred sites. The soil and trees are turned over at high volume and the natural ecosystem is left to suffer. Buying diamonds from lab grown locations helps to address that balance, providing an environmentally-friendly choice that adds no more waste or carbon footprint to the planet.


Lab grown diamonds have their selling points to community members who want to shop for these valuable heirlooms in a secure and ethical manner. Given their affordability and purity of presentation, they really do provide the complete package for consumers from domestic jewellers.