Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Why Do We Blow Out Birthday Candles?

Birthday celebrations have been practiced for decades. Today, most western cultures celebrate birthdays with cake, lit candles and a birthday song. The history of putting candles on cake began in Ancient Greece. As it turns out, putting birthday candles in Boston MA on birthday cakes is a tradition that has been around for a long, long time.

They’re the reason we eat cake and blow out birthday candles in Boston MA at birthday parties.

Reason 1: Ward off The Evil Spirits

The smoke from the candles helps to ward off the evil spirits.

Reason 2: Take the Wishes to God

Research says some people believe that the smoke from the candles that you blow on your birthday will carry their wishes and prayers to gods.

Reason 3: For Religious Reason

For religious reasons, Germans placed a large candle in the center of a cake to symbolize “the light of life.” This is now followed by the people all around the world.

Reason 4: Tribute to the Greek Moon Goddess

The Ancient Greeks add candles to the cake on birthday to represent the reflected moonlight. And to symbolize the moon, they use round cakes.  This is to show their special way to pay tribute to the Greek moon goddess, Artemis. The Ancient Greeks also put candles on a cake.

List of Birthday Candles that are in Trend Today

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Final Recap

Candles on cakes became a popular tradition long ago. Birthday celebrations are important for all of us, especially for kids. So, take their birthday celebrations to a whole new level with the unique and cute range of birthday candles. From birthday decoration to cake candles, making arrangement for their birthday party in a great and cute way impresses your kid, and they will relish every bite of the heavenly cakes with great fun and fervor.

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