Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Which type of leather is perfect to manufacture Leather briefcases?

When it comes to purchasing a leather item then it just brings a lot of confusion for the buyers. The most confusing situation is when it comes to buy leather goods for men. They are not very choosy, but want everything to be perfectly done. Each item they carry should look classy and formal.

There are three main types of leather like:

  • Goat Leather
  • Full Grain Cowhide
  • Premium Full Grain Leather
  1. Goat Leather- These leather does not use any sort of chemicals, they are basically vegetable tanned. But unfortunate enough there are some producers who sell low quality leather products but cost remains the same as the original ones. The poor tanning process of leather makes it a poor quality one. This poor quality leather secretes some odour which can show the difference between good quality leather and poor quality ones. Some advantages of this type of leather are-
  • The Leather briefcases are cheaper
  • Lighter in weight
  • Resists water to seep in
  1. Full Grain Cowhide– This type of leather products lasts for a long time and looks very cool. This leather is used to make most of the leather products. These leathers are made by vegetable tanned leather. Advantages of this type of leather is:
  • No smell or odour of leather
  • Not any sort of scratches
  • Lasts for long
  • Looks like rugs
  1. Premium Full Grain Leather-This type of leather is the most expensive and the strongest leather. This is mostly used military leather goods. The graceful look makes these Leather briefcases very elegant and amazing. Advantages are as follows:
  • Lives for a long time
  • Water resistant
  • Rugged look
  • The strongest leather
  • Lining of leather is provided inside the products