Wednesday, 17 July 2024

What You Must Necessarily Know Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring?

The engagement is the first step of the journey of the thousand miles of life, and the engagement ring is the first milestone of the relationship of the couple. Therefore, it is important to consider many things while purchasing an engagement ring. As far as shopping of engagement rings are concerned, more and more couples prefer to shop together while choosing the right engagement rings. However, you must know which ring and why you should purchase a specific item and about the amount you are spending on the purchase of engagement rings. Remember that the ring you are purchasing for your engagement is precious not only in term of the price, but it is precious because you must always love the ring forever. Get into Atelier Lou to purchase the best engagement ring you will love forever.

The primary purpose of an engagement ring is filling your heart with joy and commitment for a long time to go. The look of the ring should not only charm you on the day of your engagement, but it should be magnificently charming all through your life. However, the preferences of the engagement ring vary from person to person like for some a large centre stone and for others a sprinkling of smaller stones. You need to determine the ring size, whether you need a GIA certification on the purchase of your engagement ring, how much other people are spending on the engagement rings etc. while purchasing an engagement ring.

As per a survey in 2015, an average US couple spends 5871 USD to purchase an engagement ring. Once upon a time, people thought of spending two or three months’ salary to purchase an engagement ring which is already outdated. Nevertheless, you need to rethink on your budget to purchase the engagement ring. Rather, think of finding the right ring that suits your partner and the price comes the next. No matter if the ring costs half of your estimated budget but is perfect for your partner.

Consider about the four C’s before purchasing an engagement ring especially if you are choosing a diamond ring. The four C’s are (1) cut, (2) carat, (3) colour, and (4) clarity. The four C’s determine the quality of the jewellery. There are different types of cuts while shaping the diamond from its rough origin. The carat is the value of a diamond and the colour runs from pure white to yellow, D to Z. The clarity of a diamond is a scale to rate the diamond. The clarity is rated from FL to 13. You must ask for the four C’s before buying the diamond ring for your engagement.