Friday, 14 June 2024

What Makes the Best Quilting Fabric for You

Does the fabric you use have to be a quilting fabric or can it also be ‘regular’ fabric made of 100% cotton? This is a question that cannot simply be answered unambiguously because it depends on a number of things. For example, it depends on the quality of that ‘regular’ cotton fabric, because there is a lot of difference between them. And how you sew your quilt and quilt it later, by hand or with the sewing machine? And what can also be a determining factor is what the quilt is intended for. Will it be a tapestry that is rarely washed or a baby quilt that is washed weekly, so to speak whether you should choose quilting fabric or not is very personal consideration?

Why would you use other fabric?

The consideration of using fabric other than quilting fabric often has to do with the price. Although we would recommend buying real Quilting Fabric if you can afford it, we understand that this is a tradeoff. Sometimes it really is no different and you have to pay attention to the pennies so that there is no expensive fabric. Sometimes it is also a matter of setting priorities.

It can also be for nostalgic reasons. Maybe you still have beautiful fabrics from old children’s clothing that you would like to use in a quilt. Or maybe you like to recycle and prefer to go for fabric hunting in the thrift store. There can be many reasons for using other substances.

And it is also very good. You know there are people who think differently. They think that only real quilt fabrics should be used in quilts, but we think that is nonsense. The only thing that is important is that you use 100% cotton for sewing patchwork, because otherwise the fabric is too smooth. In addition, the thickness of the fabric is also important. If the fabric is too thin, it will shine through. If it is too thick, you will get thick seams. This can cause problems, especially in places where many seams cross.

Quality difference

Today’s quilt fabrics are of unbelievably good quality. There are many lovers of antique quilts and it is of course incredibly unfortunate that so many textiles have perished. Antique quilts that have remained really beautiful are very rare.

If you want to contribute to the heritage of the quilts, if you want your quilt to hang in a museum or at least be cherished by an enthusiast, then you have a much better chance of using quilting fabric. These fabrics are nowadays made in such a way that they actually remain beautiful for hundreds of years, precisely for this purpose. You may think this sounds exaggerated. Your quilt does not have to hang in a museum if necessary, but think about how much you enjoy viewing antique quilts in museums or books. You may also like to make a family heirloom. A quilt that you hope will be passed down from generation to generation. Even then, good quality materials are of course important.