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The Undercut men’s haircut first appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, then it was willingly worn by European soldiers. The haircut did not immediately receive widespread recognition. The first wave of world popularity of the British hairstyle came in the 60s of the last century, and a few years ago it became trendy among young guys with a vivacious and dynamic lifestyle, and just creative people.

Undercut looks great on young people who prefer expression freedom. The feature of such a haircut is a combination of close-cropped temples with long hair on top. The classic hairstyle version goes well with almost any image. In the opinion of many, it may look comical with a formal suit or on a man over thirty-five. This may be the case if the whole image and hairstyle are chosen incorrectlyin barbershop on Manhattan.

If hair length on top is up to 3 inches, undercut is a great option for flat hair of any thickness. Cutting kinky hair in such a way is undesirable, except for slightly curly or straightened strands. This type of haircut looks best on coarse and straight hair.

Free temples and a voluminous top visually stretch any face, so it is better for owners of a long rectangular face to choose something else. The hairstyle is an ideal fit for oval or round faces, and makes the owners of square faces even more masculine.  Undercut with a triangular or heart-shaped face is a controversial combination, although bearded men can try this experiment. Undercut suits almost all face types, except for a very elongated one.

The undercut is one of the simplest haircuts, and it does not require graduation between contrasting areas and smoothing the edges. However, there are several nuances to achieve the best result. It is necessary to determine the details: the hair length in different areas, the border between them, the presence and shape of bangs, etc. It is better to find a photo of the desired haircut with a man of the face shape similar to yours, show it to a barber. Many things depend on the choice of haircut technique.

There are many options for Undercut, and some of them are almost independent types:

Classic Undercut. It is well combined with a classic three-piece suit;

“Retro” version. The temples are shaved as much as possible, the top is longer than usual and slick-haired.

Mohawk. The parietal part is longer and narrower than other ones, then it can be styled in a high, straight structure.

Asymmetrical Undercut. The temple can be shaved only on one side.

There are also variants with hair dyeing in different colors.

The main advice for daily styling is the narrower the face, the less volume on top. Several days will be enough for you to master all those actions that will make your image unforgettable.

No one knows yet what hairstyle will become popular very soon, but every man can still express himself using Undercut. This can be one of the best options to make some changes in your style.

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