Friday, 14 June 2024

Tops For Women That Will Never Be Basic

Who doesn’t want to be complimented for looking fabulous without putting in too much effort? Throwing random tops and jeans on without thinking and pulling them off like a social media influencer is a quality every girl wants. 

Look cute in whatever you wear. The beautiful tops say a lot about you as a person. Make sure your clothes always define your mood. One needs to be smart enough to possess clothes that make you look exceptional without trying too hard or putting too much thought daily.

Let’s look at the tops women must have in their wardrobes. Let us start!

  • Crop Top

Worn by men and women in the 70s, the crop top is a go-to apparel for modern women even today. They are available in almost zillions of patterns and shapes, making them more desirable. The first choice to look elegant in trousers or jeans, a crop top can never get out of style. 

  • Polo Tops

Basic or not? Grab wide-leg jeans or distressed jeans; they will go with anything and everything. A safer choice if you are not in the mood to experiment. The breathable and comfy polo shirts can easily be worn for work and transcend into a quirky day out.

  • Basic Crown Neck Or Scoop Neck T Shirts

Not too much thinking; a basic crown neck t-shirt with a crop denim jacket can always go right. Outing with a friend or exploring the city all by yourself, a scoop neck top will help you blend in with the crowd. Growing up, mothers always made their girls wear tops and did not you all love it?

  • Puff Sleeve Top

For situations like these, you need pompy puff sleeve tops. It could be a red top or floral, and these tops bring the boss lady or the girl next door vibes

  • V Neck Tops

Do you feel all sorts of emotions and want to shake them off but do not want someone to lead? Girl, you have got to own that vibe with an alluring V-neck in matt colour. This icy colour gives you an edge and helps you relax a bit.

  • Tank top

The first choice of each woman when she is not trying too hard to look ravishing but still gets her head rolling is a basic white tank top. Don it with jeans or a skirt in a monochrome shade to look effortlessly beautiful. Ananya Pandey did and had social media gawking at her effortless looks.

  • Cowl Neck Top

With the party season around the corner, it is safe to say you might be tense about what to wear! To escape this excruciating hassle, get yourself a cowl neck top. In shades of dark red, blue or black, it will make you the show-stopper at the party. 

Basic or not! Each top will make you look as beautiful as ever. Like the blog? Then share it with your girlfriends and try some of the looks today.