Friday, 14 June 2024

Three Reasons to Hire Mystery Shopping Service Instead of Doing it In-House

As a business owner, the last thing you want to know is your business not doing well. However, gathering data on areas you can improve can be difficult. Fortunately, mystery shopping programs are available to help you improve your business’ focus on customer experience. But, how do you implement this program? While you can conduct mystery shopping in-house, it is always best to do it using a third-party source like Premier Service as they are experts in this field. Below are the reasons to hire a professional mystery shopping service:

Look at your Business through the Eyes of a Customer

How your employees deal with customers represents how the entire business treats your customers. You will not know if the level of customer service you offer is as good as you expect it to be. But, a mystery shopper will provide you with a clear view of what is taking place on the ground.

Using your own people to play the role of a mystery shopper can create biased results. Your employees may tell you what they know you want or expect instead of telling you the truth. In fact, they may not go into details to avoid doing the extra work.

They Have the Numbers

The sample size influences the accuracy of your research results. With mystery shopping, you need many people to collect data for you. Because of this, you don’t want to cut your workforce in half to do mystery shopping. But, mystery shopping services have a huge number of mystery shoppers to ensure you get data from a reasonable sample size.

Moreover, a mystery shopping service has mystery shoppers that come from a diverse background. This means that you can replicate the randomness present in the general consumer population. This prevents you from creating unwanted imbalances which could skew the study’s results.

They can Assess Shop Conditions

You don’t want to frustrate your customers because you run out of the stock they need. Mystery shoppers can evaluate how fast you need to restock your inventory and report the findings to you right away. Also, they evaluate inventory shelving and overall shop organisation. They record anything out of place to get it resolved right away. In fact, they can evaluate whether your shop is observing health and safety precautions. Customers who pick up dusty merchandise may not want to buy it as they think it might be old stock.