Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Things to Wear During Your Stay in Malaysia

Malaysia has been a country to visit in the Asia region as it offers varieties in culture and tradition, foods, and the surreal beauty of nature. Due to cultural influence, people in Malaysia especially in rural areas are quite conservative. So, it’s necessary to keep in mind the things to wear. Or, you can simply click here: tailor repairs Kuala Lumpur to get your clothes customized or repaired to visit any places you want.

Men’s And Women’s Dresses

People in Malaysia prefer wearing clothes that cover most of their body parts. It is rare that people wear dresses that show bare flesh. Due to the influence of Islamic culture, men generally need to wear long sleeves (if they wish to wear short then it needs to cover up their elbow), women are needed to wear long-sleeved tops and for skirts, it needs to cover the knee part.

When it comes to visiting the beach, engaging in sports activities, dress codes are somewhat liberal. You need to open your shoes while entering the home because they believe that the sole of the shoes remains unclean due to contact with the earth.

Visiting Temples and Mosques

Heritage sites like temples and mosques are large in number in Malaysia. It is worthy to visit such traditional temples and mosques to get familiar with the culture of Malaysia. While entering into the mosque, men need to wear long trousers with a long-sleeved top or shirt and women need to wear headdresses and a long cloak provided by the mosque.

Non-muslimpeople can only stand outside and look at the mosque because they are not allowed to enter the prayer hall. Removal of shoes is mandatory while getting entered into either mosque or temple. People can go to the temple at any time from early morning to evening.

Female Travellers

Generally, it is recommended that female travelers respect local customs and live according to the rules set by the government. People will raise unnecessary eyelids if you are looking different than others or wearing clothes showing most of your body parts. This can make one feel uncomfortable.

Activities to Avoid

More orthodox people reside in Malaysia. So, it is required no to do some activities in public. Kissing your partner in public must be avoided as it is not acceptable in such a community. Drinking alcohol in public is not accepted in Malaysia. Instead, you can drink them at designated bars and restaurants.

People believe that the head is sacred. So, you are not supposed to touch anyone’s head in Malaysia. Shaking hands while meeting people is fairly common in Malaysia but with the right hand. Giving a smile is the best way while meeting the opposite sex because Muslims hesitate to shake hands with the opposite sex.

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