Monday, 20 May 2024

The Use of the Lavender Nail Polish: How and Why


This pretty shade has squatted trends all season, so we had to expect it to invade our nails. Good news, no one will complain, since the lavender nail polish is as crisp as it is elegant, with its soft color and its evocation of an idyllic Provence. So, shall we try? Let us know more about the Lavender Nails. We will offer you all the information about it.

100% summer nail polish

What is lavender color? It is a pretty pastel shade that ranges from blue-violet to pale mauve. In theory, everything is in the name: lavender is a plant with purple flowers on the cob, essential for its fragrance. The purple fields of Provence under the setting sun, it’s her, the heady scent in the garden in midsummer, she too, the perfumed sachets in grandmother’s cupboards, often she, the champion of perfumes, creams, soaps or the bees’ best friend, always her. Like all flowers, the intensity of its color varies, so does the color of our nail polish! In all cases, the shade is soft, mauve and irresistible. The Lavender Nails are perfect there.

The lavender trend

She paraded on all the podiums announcing the colors of summer, and the flagship shade of 2018 announced by Pantone, the color giant, is none other than her purple cousin. Cherry (mauve) on the trend, the pastel colors to which lavender belongs are all looks and all decorations. Conclusion? Lavender Nail Polish is not only hot, but also essential. This is good, since it reminds us of the extended evenings and the singing south, what to hold without faltering until the holidays.

The right mix with lavender nail polish

Like all pastel colors, Lavender Nail Polish blends easily with its peers for a romantic atmosphere: candy pink, vanilla yellow, sugared almond or green. Be careful, all the same, to avoid the accumulation of frills and frills, a touch of kitsch with pastel. Want to modernize the nail polish? Pair it with bright yellow, denim or white, and prefer lavender blue rather than pink lavender, a mat nail polish rather than gloss. The following is simply a show off with Lavender Color Nails.

However, it is true that you will have to make the choice of this Lavender Color Nail Polish wisely. The right quality can actually make your perfect looking and also takes care of the nail. The perfection of the color and the liquidity are the other criteria that you need to be sure of.

So you can now choose the best options right there and go for it. You will not be disappointed with the look. Online options are now there when it comes to the purchase and you can make the best choice out of it.