Sunday, 3 March 2024

The Soft Your Skin Deserves

Our sense of touch is one of the most intimate senses humans possess. It can create emotion, comfort, safety and many more realities. At Mahogany Cashmere we’ve been taking care of our clients’ sense of touch for twenty years. Employing only the most luxurious cashmere from the most skilled artisans married impeccable craftmanship with impeccable quality. Each incredible piece is carefully crafted and handmade. These skilled professionals sculpt each garment to bring out the cashmere’s most elegant qualities.

Cachemire, Coloré, Design

Cashmere through the ages

Since as early as the 13th century cashmere has been draped over our bodies in both high fashion and everyday workers. It has been said that Marco Polo himself discovered the first domesticated sheep and derived that their domicile obedience must mean great uses for the shepherd. Wool and cashmere served as highly valuable assets to all of the population. Fast forward a mere 5,000 years and history tells of the first trading of the highly sought after fabric, cashmere. At this point the royals and high society have gained massive interest in this fabric for its versatility in all climates. With harsh winters and tropical summers, Europe was partial for fabrics that could handle both climates. Cashmere was the most successful. To this day, properly sourced and crafted cashmere; like ours, can withstand the coolest of winter days and the hottest of summer nights. The wool seems to cool the skin in moderate weather and in blistery cool the sweater wraps you in soft warmth.

Ethically Sourced Softness

We have heard our grandmother’s saying ” Its a small world” for centuries. Our ancestors had no idea the vastness of this Earth or the variations of humans that inhabited it. Yet, they all seem to understand the human connection shrinks the world to a place where nothing is foreign. As we head into this new age of climate crisis, renewable resources, changing environments and global awareness we are taking the ethically driven approach. At Mahogany we ethically care for our livestock and source our wool with the highest sustainable standards. We believe in creating products sourced free from cruelty to offer even better quality. Not only animals see the benefits of our ethically driven mindset. Of course our employees and craftsmen are all trained professional adults earning a living wage. The colorants we use for our fabric is completely free from any harmful or hazardous dyes often found in competitors clothes. We believe in taking care of the client from skin to skin of the Earth. All of it has been considered and valued in our cashmere.

Cashmere is a luxury that should be shared by everyone. We believe that men and women of all ages and sizes should have the opportunity to wrap themselves in one of the classiest classics in fashion. To this effect we offer styles ranging from scarves to cardigans for Him. For her, sweaters and silk combos to accentuate the natural feminine. Our yarns and seamstress’s can accommodate sizes XS-XXXXL allowing us the freedom to offer this luxurious product to absolutely anyone. These skilled workers will create your desire and ship to you within 3-4 days. We are so confident in the quality and standards we deliver that we offer a complete refund or exchange in the firs 45 days. Shop now at mahogany cashmere to begin your journey of spoiling your skin.