Monday, 20 May 2024

The Hot New Christmas Toy Is Now In Stock

This year’s hottest Christmas toy, the Owleez, is now in stock at most major e-commerce sites such as Walmart, Amazon, and Target – it might be wise to get them before they are sold out. Perhaps you can order online while the Owleez stock is full.

Make by Spin Master

From Spin Master the Owleez is the newest flying toy and is priced anywhere from $48 to $49.99 for pre-order sales. They come in two colors – pink or white and they are both pretty cute. 


The Owleez is a one-of-a-kind bird that flies and can either be cuddled or played with like a drone. They are owl babies that are just waiting to be adopted. When the child gets one, they will learn to nurture the bird until they are able to fly. Then the more they practice, the faster they will learn how to finally flap their propellers and take off. 

Cute bird

These cute birds answer to touch, movement and especially care. They make a cute little “wee!” noise after learning how to make their wings flap. They can be petted, and tickled, made to dance and eat berries that come with each bird. 

Comes with accessories

The Owleez is a fun thing for kids to unbox since they come in a box containing the bird, with one food additive, a guide for a quick start, plus one instruction guide and each Owleez has a nest where it can rest and recharge. The nest has a build-in USB cord for re-charging and they can still be played with while being recharged. 

Predicted to be a hit

All the toy companies are predicting this will be the hit toy that every kid will want to have for Christmas. And they will have fun playing with the Owleez while teaching it to fly. The child needs to have their hands ready to catch the baby Owleez when it is learning to fly. 

Tested for crashing

It case you are worried that one crash and the toy is ruined, don’t worry, the bird was built with durable material and has been tested for safety and it supposedly will sustain several crashes.