Monday, 22 April 2024

The five basic kind of playpens

  1. Play yard for infants

It’s basically a playpen so children don’t wander beyond a point. There is a wide and yet constrained amount of space for your child to play freely without causing injury to oneself. Additional features like the side pockets for carrying baby and parent paraphernalia has an extra advantage of carrying less baggage.

  1. Expandable baby gate

In this kind of playpen, you can assemble the parts right out of the box. This gives you ample opportunity to build it the way you like.

  1. Summer baby gate

This is basically just a round bunch of panels with one of them functioning as a gate. There is no bottom for this kind of playpen so you can install them wherever you like, even outdoors. They are portable and easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Freestanding baby gate

The panels in this one don’t form a complete enclosure. They are “free-standing”, as the name suggests. These come in handy when you want to prevent a toddler from entering a particular place. Unfortunately, they are not very sturdy.

  1. Playpens with changing tables

Since playpens have evolved so much over the years, this is one the latest additions in the market. They come with an option of changing your baby’s clothes or diapers right inside the playpen. The table is attached to the upper portion of the playpen for easy access. There’s usually a stand for holding milk bottles, creams, lotion, diapers etc.

All of these playpens come in different sizes so make sure to purchase the right size for your baby’s comfort and overall wellbeing.

Keynotes in choosing a stroller

Prize: Strollers can be quite expensive the further up the brands you go but there are cheaper options available too. The cheaper ones can still accommodate all the basic necessities.

Number of children: If you’re someone who’s already decided on having one baby, a single stroller works just fine. But if you’re planning on having more children, consider going for the double strollers. These can easily fit in two or even three babies.

Lifestyle: Strollers can come in a variety of designs, based on suitability and needs. Choose one that fits your lifestyle. If you are carrying more baby accessories, go for the ones with more features that incorporate extra pockets and such.

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