Wednesday, 17 July 2024

The Bracelets you Can Find Now

You can now discover on our site a wide choice of men’s bracelet, gourmette, leather strap, white gold bracelet for man or steel. However, if you need advice to make your choice, the stacked bracelets offer you this page guide to explain how to choose your men’s bracelet. Indeed, to find you among our range of resolutely masculine jewelry, we have organized our collection into several categories in order to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the ideal men’s bracelet. Enter with us into the captivating universe of the male bracelet.

How to wear your men’s bracelet?

For a long time the watch was the only jewel that these gentlemen wore on the wrist. Today, it is easy to associate a gold bracelet with a men’s leather bracelet or a steel bracelet. The male jewel to wear on the wrist has become an essential fashion accessory, whether it is to accessorize a formal outfit or to wear it every day. Thus, it is no longer rare to see men’s bracelets in gold and steel, or else made from noble and natural materials such as elephant hair or braided horsehair.

Then it all depends on your style and what type of men’s bracelet you are looking for. You can first browse through all our models to find out about the width of the range available to you. The steel men’s bracelet is generally very popular with teenagers. You can also turn to a gold curb chain, with or without ngraving. The leather strap is very chic and gives a very manly side. The steel and gold cable bracelet is very elegant and intended above all for men looking for a trendy accessory. Finally, the elephant hair, giraffe hair and horsehair bracelet collections stand out for their originality. In addition, men’s bull horn bracelets offer an assumed sporty style.

What is the price of a men’s leather bracelet?

The bracelets offers a steel and leather bracelet for men starting at around € 70. This is a basic model which can be declined in several colors of PVD. If you are more looking for a high-end piece of jewelry, we also offer braided leather men’s bracelets with an 18k gold clasp. Prices start around € 225 and can reach € 1,220 for the most beautiful models of men’s leather bracelets. The extent of our range allows you to find the bracelet at the right price that suits you.

Which mesh to choose for a men’s gold bracelet?

4 types of link are available among all our gold bracelets for men: the alternating link, the gourmet link, the coffee bean link and finally the navy link. Generally, the curb chain bracelet is appreciated by Monsieur. For a young boy or a teenager, we recommend the alternating mesh or even the navy mesh. A gold coffee bean bracelet is often offered to young men.