Monday, 22 April 2024

The Best Trending Aran Sweater For The Fall

Out shopping for sweaters for the winter? If you are seeking something which would be classy, trendy and comfortable at the same time, you might want to go for an Aran sweater. These sweaters originated in the 1950s in the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. However, these sweaters are quite a popular fashion trend even today. The Aran sweater, also known as the fisherman’s sweater had been originally designed to provide warmth against the harsh cold in the seas. Here are some of the trendy and stylish Aran sweaters you may check out. 

  • Fisherman sweater with a shawl-collar cardigan: The design of this sweater is a modernised form of a vintage design to make it slim and better fit. The cardigan provides comfort over various seasons while the heritage style creates a classy look.
  • Sweater coat: Stylish and classy, the Irish sweater coat is perfect to be worn during spring while the wind is still chilly. It is designed like a coat to some extent but knit like a sweater. You may buy such a sweater coat with the traditional Aran stitch for a traditional look.
  • Irish fisherman’s button-mock: Designed with a high collar to cover the neck, this sweater can provide the wearer with adequate warmth. The button-styled system up front helps one to avoid feeling choked near the throat. Such a fisherman’s sweater with the cable pattern traditional to Aran sweaters would look good on you with a variety of clothes.
  • Irish fisherman’s crew-neck: The crew-neck design for sweaters has been gaining popularity rapidly across the globe. Compared to the V-neck sweaters, crew neck ones are a much better match with T-shirts. If you are looking for a traditional fisherman’s sweater which would go well with modern dressing styles, an Irish fisherman’s crew-neck sweater is a good option. 
  • Pullover with cable knit scarf: Pullovers are quite warm and cosy due to their design. The scarf ensures additional comfort for the wearer. If you buy one which is Aran by origin, it would even come with the traditional Aran stitching patterns, each of which has its own significance. 
  • Women’s heavyweight Aran sweater: Designed to deliver a flattening look, this sweater fits in elegantly over the shoulders due to its build. It is a good choice for womenswear in the winter. 

Why is the Aran sweater growing in popularity?

It is quite natural for fashion trends to get outdated after a certain period of time. However, even after so many decades, Aran sweaters are quite trendy. Here is why the demand for these sweaters is still high:

  • Quality: Stitching Aran sweaters is an art which has been passed down through generations in the Irish families. It is hard for modern machinery-based knitting systems to match the quality of knitting and ark work in the hand-stitched Aran sweaters. 
  • Culture: Those who are into art and culture often find interest into Aran sweaters as they come with various patterns and designs, each carrying its own meaning and importance.
  • Comfortable: Having been designed to protect against the harsh winters, these sweaters are considerably warm. 

A Fisherman’s sweater would therefore certainly be a good choice and would help you create a classy fashion statement.