Friday, 14 June 2024

The Backpacks You Would Like to Have

You just bought your ticket for Southeast Asia, you leave in 3 months and start to think about what you are going to bring, and above all, how you are going to be able to get everything in your bag because you’d rather not have to drag a wheeled bag between millions of small towns.

As you probably anticipated, after exploring the depths of your parents’ basement for hours, you found everything except your good old travel backpack. So what to do? With all the range of backpacks available on the market, it’s difficult to know which one will be best suited to your body type and your trip. To reduce both the stress of departure and the weight on your shoulders, we have put together some practical tips here to help you choose the right bag.

What are you going to do?

First of all, how long are you leaving? What places do you plan to visit and what activities are you going to do? If you are thinking of rock climbing or scuba diving, will you be transporting your own equipment? If so, do you plan to pack everything in one (and big) bag?

Ask yourself these questions before starting your research. If you bring additional equipment you may need a slightly larger bag, and possibly a little more robust, for example if you bring sharp objects like an ice ax for a mountain excursion. With anti-theft travel backpack in  you can be fully assured.


Whether it’s the youngest who goes on a trip to Europe or for a long stay in Asia, buying a good backpack is essential. How to choose from the multitude of models on the market? Here are some tips for efficient shopping and five shopping suggestions.


Make sure you are comfortable. As you would before buying a pair of shoes, try the backpack. Putting weight in his bag, then walking around with it for several minutes, even for a few hours. It’s the only way to know if a bag is right for us.


It is important to know what use we intend to make of this bag. Will it be exposed to the weather? Will it be used for camping in the mountains or for traveling in European cities? This information will help you make a choice.


What “options” do you want to find in a bag? Some are minimalist, offering only a large pocket where you can store all your things. Others, on the contrary, have several compartments, or even a day bag included with the purchase.

A good weight distribution: with a good travel backpack, you can store your belongings as you wish. With a good distribution on the right as on the left of the bag, you will be able to support your backpack longer during your trips and / or hikes.

Lighter than a suitcase: a backpack is generally lighter than a suitcase with wheels. You will be able to support the weight inside the backpack more easily than carrying the suitcase.

2 in 1: if you have a travel bag below 70 liters, you can also use it as a backpack for hikes, climbs or go for a day or two on another point of the journey.