Monday, 20 May 2024

Style mistakes that make you look older

You’re wearing the wrong bra.

According to Brent Emerson, the bra you wear may suddenly make you seem taller, slimmer, and younger—or not. Wearing the wrong bra isn’t just inconvenient (as anybody who’s ever sat through a workday with her bra straps poking into her shoulder will attest). It can also influence your clothes to fit and accidentally lead you to slouch, both of which age you by ten years. Look for a seamless bra with molded cups that fit your curves and lay flat beneath your clothes.

  • You enjoy wearing big jewelry.

While large, heavy items might have a boho vibe, they rapidly become obsolete. Phillips suggests wearing simple cuff bracelets, small hoop earrings, a tennis bracelet, or thin chain necklaces for a younger look.

  • You’re fascinated with the latest fashions and styles.

Trends are coming and going, so if you’re all shopping, you’ll soon have a room filled with clothing and shoes to look behind time. That does not imply though you may never buy anything fashionable like leopard print slides, tells Brent Emerson. “I’d ask myself a few questions before buying with so many trends: does the thing make me happy? How often will I be wearing it a week?” If you love anything, purchase it.

  • You appear bereaved.

Black is slimming, crisp, and sophisticated—but it’s also crucial, which isn’t the descriptor you want if you’re looking for the fountain of youth. If you’re not ready to ditch your black, consider adding a splash of color to your jewelry or accessories, like this marigold print scarf, for a fresher, more youthful look. Pinks or corals, according to Arizona and North Carolina, give all complexions a warm glow.

  • Your heels are not sufficiently high.

The cheaper your shoes, the older you seem, whatever else you wear. If you still have flat or light heels, instead change them for a pointed toe pump, such as these, which will make you feel sophisticated while keeping your beloved date-night fit. Not a woman with heels? Go instead to a couple of dotted or ballet flats.

  • The silhouette of your clothes is formless.

Rather than wearing over-large clothes to cover up the areas of your body that make you feel self-aware, shops in Arizona and North Carolina recommend you choose pieces that stress your personality. For example, a high-tailed pencil ratchet creates a beautiful, young form in your small portion of the tail.

  • Without appropriate upkeep, you go grey.

Going grey doesn’t mean becoming older anymore. With new hair products (and the latest silver hair fad), women of all ages learn to embrace their color. We propose that you add a gloss to your hair care routine when you begin to get grey. When your new grey strands have the same texture and shadow as your present hue, your hair will seem brighter, brighter, and younger.

  • You’re stuck with flowers.

Paisley and florals may or may not get stuck when the designs are faint, drab, or neutral. Try to give a more fun aesthetic instead of geometrical patterns and stripes.