Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Stock Up Your Closet with These Types of Boots


Fashion trends change every year, but there are certain trends that never go out of fashion. Let’s talk about your foot wear. There should be certain must-haves for your closet. You know that there are some rules to follow when choosing foot wear for certain occasion. However, boots are the love of women when it comes to foot wear. They must have one back in their stock.

Now, you can also choose from a wide variety of styles and designs that is suitable for numerous occasions. If you have very little to no knowledge about boots, but want to buy one, get information from 10BestRanked. You can also post your queries and get answers on this platform. For instance, if you want to try Ugg alternative but not sure what to buy, get all the facts straight before buying. Make a conscious choice.

Types of Boots You Should Know About

Boots can be divided into different types based on its material, length and heel type. The categories are as follows –

Material: Leather, Suede, Velvet, Patent leather, Denim, Faux-fur, Polyurethane leather, Lace, and Fleece.

Boot Length: Thigh-high, Knee-high, Ankle length, Calf length, and below the ankle length.

Heel-Type: low heels (also called Chelsea boots), Stiletto boots and wedge boots. 

Though the initial purpose of boots was to give protection and full coverage to the feet and ankle, now it has become more of a style statement. You would really miss out if you have not donned any boot yet now.

Different materials of boot require different types of maintenance. You cannot handle a velvet boot roughly, and it is easy to retain stains and difficult to clean.

How to Choose the Right One for You?

While boots can suit anybody, for the best effect you must look for those that suit your body type the most. You have to take into consideration the purpose and outfit before choosing your pair of boots. You would never wear a pair of calf-length or knee-length boots to office no matter how casual your workplace environment is.

For a petite structure you can try out boots that will give length to your legs and avoid those that can make you look short. Always go for boots with heels, but only if you feel comfortable in it. It is better to avoid any calf-length or slouchy boots.

If you are tall and have slim legs, you can kill it in any style of boots. Even an over-the-knee boot is easy to pull off.

However, it is quite tricky to find the right pair of boots for a woman with thin calves. The boots won’t fit them and mostly look loose. You can then only go for some stretchable material.

When buying boots, you have to keep in mind where you are going to wear them. In a place with considerably severe winter condition, you have to see to it that the boot is water resistant and has a tight grip. On the other hand, for summer or comparatively warm climate choose a breathable and light material.


To wrap it up, with a variety of boots available in the market, one can easily stay stylish through the ever changing fashion trends. However, one must know how to pair them with different kinds of clothing and accessories.