Friday, 14 June 2024

Smart Decisions for the best Use of the Skin Care Creams


Even with the best sunscreen in the world, summer remains a dangerous time for people who tend to acne. 

The risk of pimples is indeed greater, for several reasons:

Under the effect of heat, the sebaceous and sweat glands are activated. Clearly, we sweat more and we secrete more sebum. This mixture of water and fat is an excellent fertilizer for bacteria, and thus promotes pimples. In summer, there is often more dust and various particles in the air, which can clog pores. Even the lightest sunscreens tend to be thicker than traditional creams. They can easily clog the skin. So here we would like to share a few tips that allow me to avoid superfluous pimples in the summer. With the Acne Skin Care Cream and have the best options for the same.

A recent screen you will use:

Please do not reuse your sunscreen from last year, even if the tube is not finished. A good sunscreen often contains quality vegetable oils (with beneficial properties for the skin). But vegetable oils are fragile and oxidize quickly. Oxidized oil is a rancid oil, which can easily hurt the skin. It will promote wrinkles and largely contributes to more acne. So only use a recent screen!

Your sunscreen you will protect:

Not ideal, but better than nothing: burying the cream in the sand. The tube of fried cream, exposed on the sand, will also oxidize quickly. Personally, we keep mine in a baby bucket immersed in water (if I’m near a river) or, in all case, in the shade.

Little tip for lack of better

If you are at the beach and there is no shade, bury the cream in the sand. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

A light formulation you will choose:

For people prone to acne, the ideal sun protection does not exist, unfortunately. It would be:

  • 100% non-comedogenic (and therefore completely incapable of giving pimples), mineral (because chemical filters are a horror for the skin, hormones and the environment) and transparent (or many organic mineral creams leave a thick white film).
  • However, some brands seem safer than others, on the button side. Two years ago, we made a comparison table of several brands with our “Top 7”. Since then, we have been offering a selection of Alga Maris sunscreens in stores, which many of you appreciated last summer. In all cases, it is important to have a light texture, because to properly protect the skin, you must apply a large amount of cream.
  1. Your skin every night you will wash:

In cosmetic formulation, when we want to make a mineral sun protection, we use a mineral filter, generally zinc or titanium oxide, in a lipid base (fatty, what). 

We cannot do without this fatty base: 

It helps spread the minerals. The oils which constitute it can have great qualities for the skin, but it is clear that at last, they must be thoroughly cleaned, if they remain on the skin, they can clog it, especially as ” once again, under the effect of the sun, oils will tend to oxidize .