Monday, 20 May 2024

Send flowers to Italy? 24 hours and the game is done.

Want to send your girlfriend a bunch of red roses but you are temporarily abroad? Moreover you just realized it’s your anniversary in a few hours and you think she would never get her present in time. Forget about it, or better, forget about time running out, let us do this task for you. All you have to do is to place the order in the right site. If your question is how can i send flowers to Italy so fast and safely? Here we come with the answer right for you.


ItalianFlora is an online platform allowing everyone on and off EU to send flowers to Italy.This service takes care of sending flowers abroad, with fast home delivery, and is the best website since 2000, working with professionalism and precision.

We are available in the international delivery service of flower arrangements, online plants, bouquets of roses and floral bouquets, and shipping is also included in the price.

The flower delivery service abroad is provided by our vast network of international florists, and it takes 24 or 48 hours to send your floral gift correctly.


Red roses in a flash

The bouquet of roses is the most traditional and timeless way to express various feelings:bouquets of red roses are those chosen to express feelings such as love or passion;bouquets of white roses can be given online to wish you a happy wedding or anniversary;the bouquets of colored roses are chosen to communicate multiple feelings at the same time: red love, yellow jealousy, white purity, pink affection.

Send flowers to italy online and more specifically, roses, has never been that easy.

How many emotions can be enclosed in a bouquet of red roses or a bundle of roses to be destined for a dear friend, for one’s love, or simply for a person who is highly esteemed.

Italian Flora becomes a messenger of your feelings by dealing with the online sale of bouquets of roses at home!


Choose, add to cart, write down an address: flowers on their way!

Buying flowers online and plants is very easy with the Italian Flora online store. The floral arrangements can also be sent anonymously, and delivery will take place at the address of the recipient indicated by the customer during the compilation of the online order, with free shipping.

We can send flowers to Italy and send flowers to the world.

The company is also at your disposal to also buy: cheap flowers, online plants, bouquets of roses, precious floral arrangements of all kinds and colors, to send and transmit an emotion, and give a smile for your most important anniversaries.

Sending flowers anonymously is simple, and phrases to attach are also available.

Click on “Buy Now”. The staff is available to give you useful information on which flowers to buy, on the purchase of flowers online and on the different payment methods available. Checkout stunning hand bouquets in Singapore.

Happy flowers anyone!