Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Pearl Wedding Rings – Unique Choice for your Bride

Pearl wedding rings are unique and sophisticated approach for a proposal of wedding. There is plethora of different types of pearl rings available in the jewelry market. From classic cuts to conservative cuts to bold patterns there is something for everyone. Pearl ring defines purity, elegance and beauty when one adorns it. Pearls are precious and you can set them in gold or platinum according to the color of the pearl. These are best for all types of complexion; from medium to olive to fair skin you can choose colors of the pearl. Also, there are jewelry designers who tailor made pearl wedding rings as per the request. Let us check different types of rings:

Vintage style

Vintage style is a great understated piece of pearl ring for women who do not prefer big rocks on her fingers. It is a perfect accessory and will go with all sorts of dress styles. These rings are usually bands or stacks of bands which are simple and dainty. Also, they are great for small and thin fingers.

Edwardian pearl engagement ring

The design is inspired by the Edwardian era and looks delicate. These are intricate floral designs and gives very good feminine look to the hand. These rings are best set in gold.

Art Deco Pearl Ring

This is not at all dainty and delicate piece of jewelry. This is a statement finger ring and can be also used as engagement ring. This is of classic style but the band is made up of gold and is broader as compared to the other rings. This gives a luxurious appeal. It can be made up of one single big pearl or it can be studded with diamonds along with the pearl. Also, you can include petal like floral structures along the band.

Platinum pearl wedding rings

Platinum is the most metal for wedding rings. These rings can be simple band or you can also custom make it into irregular geometric shape. These can be easily incorporated with any outfit. This is why most of the brides go for this style as they can always team up with them with casual outfits even after marriage.