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Myths About The Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is similar to buying a car. We don’t choose an engagement ring or a car just impulsively when we see an advertisement or based on our favorite color. Even before buying a car, we find out as much information as possible – about the car’s brand, engine, consumption, performance. We will carefully consider our requirements and ideas, determine how much we can spend on the car and how we will finance it. When buying a car, of course, our personal taste and preferences are also important, but we should make decisions based on the information obtained. And so it also applies when buying an engagement ring. The Moissanite Rings NYC are always there when it comes to the alternatives for the diamond rings.

First of all, you need to learn something about the world of jewelry and then follow the ratio of quality and price when buying . In this article, we’ll introduce you to a few myths you might encounter when finding out about engagement rings, but which you shouldn’t be influenced by when making a purchase.

An Engagement Ring Must Be Expensive, Its Price Should Correspond To At Least 2-3 Monthly Salaries

The exact number of monthly salaries you should invest in an engagement ring is probably the most common myth you will encounter when buying an engagement ring. Many appreciate that they have a clear idea of ​​what amount of money they should spend on an engagement ring, and therefore do not reflect on the nonsense of this dogma. In fact, this recommendation is a thoughtful marketing move.

An expensive diamond engagement ring is quite a romantic thing. But only until you find out that you can’t afford to invite all your cousins ​​and cousins ​​to the wedding, finally buy a new kitchen unit and go to the honeymoon by the sea, because the engagement ring came out so much that after the engagement you won’t have a crown left for further investment. . When buying an engagement ring, it is necessary not to be carried away by the beauty of the jewelry, but it is good to think about the budget that you have set for the purchase of jewelry. And not on a budget determined by your jewelry retailer. Learn more about how much you should spend on a ring.

The Engagement Ring Must Have A Diamond

Like the previous myth, this superstition was a deliberate marketing move for customers of the American jewelry industry (as well as the mining company) De Beers. When choosing an engagement ring, you do n’t have to limit yourself to diamonds at all . Even other gems can conjure a beautiful gem on a lady’s hand! He is one of the most traditional Engagement rings with emerald, rings with ruby or popular Moissanite Rings. But you can also choose other gems. Men like to reach for pearl engagement rings as welltopaz rings. Engagement rings with tanzanite or rings with tourmaline are also popular choices. There are no limits to the imagination and if you do not know what to choose a gemstone from, try to choose a gemstone according to its month of birth , according to the signs of the zodiac or according to the strengths and abilities of individual gems. For inspiration, you can also look at other non-traditional types of engagement rings.

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The Bigger The Diamond, The Better

For diamonds, size really doesn’t matter. If you are firmly committed to the diamond classic, we recommend preferring quality (higher degree of purity, better color and cut, certificate) over quantity (weight in carats). Also, make sure that you get adequate services for your money – for example, additional adjustment of the ring size in case you do not find the right one, or a lifetime warranty and willingness of the seller to help you even after the purchase. What about a huge diamond when it is of poor quality and cannot be claimed? The options are there.

Yellow Gold Is Not Worn

It is true that white gold, platinum and other modern metals are currently very different and many women prefer them. Statistics show that up to 75% of rings are made of white gold . However, do not let yourself be influenced by fashion trends – the ring is not worn for one summer, but for the rest of its life, and therefore it should primarily suit the taste of its wearer , not be subject to fashion trends. When choosing a metal, also follow what other jewelry your girlfriend wears. If you want to learn more about different metals, take a look at this article.

An Engagement Ring Should Have One Stone

Don’t be influenced by the dogmas that prescribe what an engagement ring should look like! The jewelry will be yours alone, so it should look the way you want it to. It does not necessarily have to be a ring with one central diamond, you can also focus on engagement rings with side stones or engagement rings with three stones. Engagement rings in the style of halo or rings inspired by nature are also becoming increasingly popular.

An Engagement Ring Should Be A Surprise

Women often start thinking about a possible marriage much earlier than their partners. That’s why it’s more than likely that when a man started thinking about engagements, she’s been dreaming about them for a long time. Does it seem to you that every man will surprise his partner with an engagement ring as in American romantic movies? Appearance deceives because up to 60% of couples choose an engagement ring together.

An Engagement Ring Should Be Purchased At Branded Stone Jewelry Stores

Even the place of buying a ring is up to you and your preferences. Many people dream of a ring of a particular brand. However, keep in mind that no one will see the brand of the ring (unlike clothes or cars, for example). And as in all industries, you also pay extra for the brand at well-known retailers.

Many couples also give up buying a ring in stone shops and choose jewelry on the Internet . Online jewelry stores often have lower prices and incomparably higher choices. Other couples combine the choice – they choose the ring in a stone shop and then buy it online, sometimes for half the price.


Do you choose an engagement ring for your girlfriend, but their offer is simply huge? Our directions in the form of an engagement ring selection guide will help you narrow down the selection. If you are clear about the financial amount and you know the character of your dear half well, try to let him choose it for you.