Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Men’s Power Guide: 5 Amazing Ways to Carry Different Types of Tees

T-shirts are staple clothing that you will find in any man’s closet. The styling versatility and the sheer affordability provides countless ways to carry the tees under varying situations except of course the business meetings or cocktail parties.

The rules of carrying a shirt (เสื้อยืด, which is the term in Thai) stylishly and yet effortlessly are pretty simple to implement. Make sure that your wardrobe includes the basic shades of white, grey, blue and of course the mighty black. They gel quickly with jeans, trousers, open shirts as well as jackets. Once you have successfully mastered the art of carrying these right, next level will see you playing around with different fabrics, colours, patterns and designer prints as well.

Here’s your personal guide to carry your favourite tees stylishly.

  • Rules for wearing solid colours: Plain tees are easiest to pull off. Since these are solid colours, pairing right is never an issue. Wear your plain tees with the simple washed out denim in shades of blue or black, in order to look dapper.

During the winter you can pair these with a bomber jacket, jerseys or cardigans to maintain a classy yet cool look. Footwear can also be easily matched- From leather shoes to casual sneakers, everything works out pretty well here.

  • Rocking a printed tee look: We have moved way ahead from the louder prints of 2000. Your tee could be carrying a message, a brand name or some graphic design but the rule here is to underplay and stay subtle.

The focus is on your look enhancement rather than the print of the t-shirt. You can pair them with your regular jeans in similar combinations like that of black – blue or white – blue to pull off a contrasting look.

  • Play around with some stripes: Stripes also come under printed category only but its the geometric patterns which set them apart. As a general rule, always pair your tee shirt with a solid lower to avoid looking like an escaped con.

Also, avoid vertical stripes unless you carry a frame of a bodybuilder.

  • Flatter your looks with the good old cotton tees: Best for the summer months, easy to carry and style with almost anything out there- that’s the popular cotton tee for you.

Blue jeans or black trousers, they go equally well with both.

Follow these simple fashion guide tips to look dapper in your favourite tees.