Monday, 20 May 2024

Medical Cosmetics vs Ordinary Cosmetics: TOP 5 Online Stores

The mass market is a category of beauty products that can be found in regular supermarkets, beauty chains, and more. It is produced in large quantities and is aimed at completely different buyers. Medical cosmetics can be found in pharmacies and specialized or official stores.

We decided to tell you more about the main differences between pharmacy cosmetics and ordinary ones.

Medical Cosmetics

The first and most important aim of medical cosmetics is to treat, not mask the problem. It works on the deeper layers of the skin and has a better effect. Full testing and certification of all products make them safe to use. Remember: you always have the right to ask for a license and certificates for cosmetics. Another advantage is the complete composition of the labels, even if it contains some of the hazardous substances (although, in theory, such cosmetics should not contain them).

A purchase at a pharmacy does not guarantee you either the safety or the effectiveness of the product. Moreover, you need to take into account that pharmacists are not cosmetologists, and will not be able to help you choose a care product. Where there is the word “health” (skin health, in this case) there is a chief expert – a doctor.

Minimum fragrances and hypoallergenic formula

Fragrances are components that often cause allergic reactions. They are dangerous for people with sensitive skin. Fragrances are practically absent in pharmaceutical cosmetics. The downside is that cosmetics will not have a scent, but for some people, it is a huge plus.

TOP 5 Online Cosmetics Stores

Rue La La

Even though the web store does not have such an extensive range as, for example, MAC online store, it consistently has something to please and surprise its customers. Furthermore, it frequently provides enormous discounts on world brands of cosmetics for makeup, face, and body care.


Nordstrom has the best brands on the planet, from Chanel to Tom Ford and Urban Decay, and there’s a possibility of choosing three or even more complimentary samples of products.


This online makeup store has quickly seized the hearts of many beauty industry fans. The reason for it was helpful videos with reviews and little tips on cosmetics, makeup, and skincare. Additionally, a wide choice of products captivates and makes you return again and again.

MAC Online Store

Do you want to create an unforgettable image? Then MAC will help you with this. The world-famous cosmetics brand has many shades of lipsticks and eye shadows, a massive range of powders, foundations, and what’s more! Time-tested, MAС continues to please customers with new colors and palettes. Top makeup artists work with this brand to make unforgettable masterpieces.

Cutis Medical

It is no secret that medical cosmetics are in great demand in the 21 century. And it isn’t surprising, because this type of product really helps to cope with many issues, as well as improve the state of the skin. Cutis Medical was providing a vast variety of high-quality products to doctors and makeup artists as well as customers for home face and body care.