Monday, 22 April 2024

Kojniken Sweater: A Comfortable and Sustainable Wear

Karunkinka is a company that has partnered with Ona-foundation to develop the local conditions and working environment for women. Karunkinka promotes the philosophy of labour, conditions and new opportunities for locals. To make the products company uses 100%  natural fibres produced in Chile. They are soft, comfortable and reliable.

Product Qualities:

Our 100% natural fibres provide the body best comfort. It utilizes YKK zippers for better breathability and best ventilation. These products are made keeping in mind all kind of weather conditions. The products are water and dirt repellent and utilize softness of the fibre. This second layer is the best you can have in your wardrobe in this segment. Like most second layers, it does not limit your movements. You can enjoy any kind of activity while wearing these. We get our material from trusted people to ensure the quality of fibre. This fibre is made from Merino wool, baby Alpaca wool, and Llama wool. We do not make clothes only for one season; we make them for a lifetime. They are rugged and can be used by generations. This keeps the tradition alive while making everyone warm. They are guaranteed for a lifetime, their process is unique and their material is pure.

Wondering about the benefits of this product?

Here are some:

  1. Unique styles having Patagonia tradition and colours.
  2. Exclusive designs
  3. High quality material from baby alpaca, merino and llama.
  4. Direct contribution to social change.
  5. Great performance and warmth.
  6. Support for sustainable products.
  7. Making a difference in women’s lives.
  8. Feeling proud while wearing ethical clothes.


What is great with Karunkinka

Karunkinka believe in sustainability and also sell pre-owned clothes so that not a single piece of it goes to waste. As the clothes made by us have the highest quality in this segment they retain their flair and charm. Like other sweaters, these sweaters do not shrink. They have a pre shrunk treatment before putting it in the market. Karunkinka sweaters are made from Polartec and power stretch that does not shrink or felt. As for natural wools, they have a higher risk of shrinking but our processes ensure that they do not. With proper washing instructions, they will remain brand new for a very long time. Our team produces fashion, function and durability. If you are having second thoughts for our company’s products, we assure you that you will not find any other product as reliable as this.