Monday, 20 May 2024

Know about the Baguette Diamonds 

The word “Baguette” is of French origin, meaning a long, narrow French loaf. Baguette diamonds are long rectangular shaped or tapered, having 14 facets. Long or Straight rectangular baguette diamonds have two perpendicular sides, while a tapered baguette diamond narrows on one end, giving a unique trapezoidal shape.

About the History

The baguette got created between the 1920s to 1930. It made an appearance in the jewelry scenes during the Art Deco and Art Nuevo period. The art movements were the main reason why baguette gained popularity. Western society welcomed the baguette-cut stone and shrouded it in jewelry. The reasoning behind the popularity of baguette stones brought the usual traditional round cut stones to a halt. The baguette-cut’s rectangular cut eventually became popular with the jewelry makers, and it became more common to see baguette-cut stones in all types of jewelry, especially diamond jewelry. According to the research of GIA, the elongated shape has originated from the hogback-cut of the middle ages.

The journey from the past to the modern era

Years ago, the leading and most popular baguette diamond cut one could find or see as part of a trilogy ring are a trilogy ring through a three stones cluster set beside the circlet. However, now with the ever-changing time, baguette-cut diamonds are highly in demand for the aura of antique and vintage-inspired engagement rings.

Baguette diamonds highly in need have become a famous timbre for products engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry styles. These “step-cut” stones can get used in solitaire jewelry as a center stone in the present modern era.

The step cuts used to create a baguette don’t allow it to shine a lot, but they will enable it to reflect light distinctly in a hologram-like way.

One more reason that made baguette-cut stones famous was their weight. The dimensions of baguette-cut stones got characterized by their size and not by their weight.

Art Deco Asscher Cut Engagement Ring made the resurgence as Baguette cut diamond ring.

Channel set baguette diamond rings are an excellent choice of wedding rings for their breathtaking design that will undoubtedly help you earn few compliments. Similarly, products like stackable rings often accent baguette-cut diamonds and gemstones for an exquisite look. If you don’t prefer going for rings, nothing to worry about! You can always opt for a necklace or pair of earrings instead.

To Sum It Up

Individuality matters and everyone loves individuality. So, what does it take to set you as an individual? The answer to this question is simple- Baguette-cut rings. It is why Baguette-cut diamond rings are often favored by women who want to mark themselves as a distinct individual. The exceptional quality of is baguette-cut diamond is its loveliness and cleanliness. A baguette-cut is the definition of simplicity and elegance. A baguette-cut product is beautiful in its way. It looks gorgeous in any jewelry that someone could imagine or sometimes beyond the limits of imagination.