Monday, 20 May 2024

Kevlar helmet: Offering complete protection to the head

The law enforcement personnel and the military are always in danger of being hurt by antisocial elements. Hence, it becomes essential to protect them from head to body to enhance their confident and safety. They do require wearing protective armor especially when their duty is assigned to some high tension prone areas. Body armor and bulletproof vests are a must have to do such duties. At the same time, the head also needs to be covered adequately from shrapnel and hard objects. This is where kevlar helmet comes into the picture.

Need for ballistic combat helmet

It is important to understand that not just any ordinary helmet will safeguard the head from violent attacks. The ballistic helmet such as the kevlar helmet does make a whole lot of difference when protection is concerned. Rather, the difference lies between survival and certain death. This is an improvised helmet based on MICH design and tends to replace effectively the older PASGT. Moreover, the manufacturers claim that the helmet can withstand 9mm bullet protection. It is fitted with 4-point chinstrap and pad suspension system.

Ballistic testing results

The results showed that the kevlar helmet is capable enough to stop instantly a 9mm round. The helmet is likely to get an indent due to the impact by about 1.5”. As the bullet strikes, if the helmet is worn on the skull tightly, then the indentation gets transferred to skull. It results in fracture or injury. Such scenarios can be eliminated or reduced simply by holding permanently the helmet off the skull using shock-absorbing pads.

The combat helmets available in the market are created from sophisticated, advanced anti-ballistic materials like kevlar helmet. A few are designed to provide protection to the wearer from non-ballistic wounds\ like explosion shockwave, vehicle crashes, etc. However, combat helmets are not designed to offer a higher degree of protection unlike that of vests because of weight issues. However, they are a crucial part to reduce combat fatalities to a greater extent.

Kevlar helmet with high tenacity having face shield does offer enhanced protection area approximately by 0.14 sq.m. Moreover, it boasts of offering high ballistic performance and low weight as it uses ballistic, high-tenacity PE fiber. It also offers the finest available ballistic protection. It is also designed specially to offer complete protection to SWAT teams, Special Forces, military, police and soldiers. They can easily overcome FMJ rounds, 9mm 124 grain and lesser threats over 1,200 fps.