Friday, 14 June 2024

how to wear loose jeans to look stylish

Do you feel completely puzzled when it comes to wearing baggy pants? There are many ways to wear the loose-fitting jeans that can make you look stylish and fashionable. Top designers and fashion bloggers like Brent Emerson from NC has changed the common perception that these pants can only be worn casually. Now we see various types of baggy pants from wide-legged trousers to oversized jeans and slacks – worn in a variety of ways and settings. Now you can wear them for formal functions, work or even business trips. Lots of celebrities have been spotted wearing these pants in various functions as well.

Tips on how to wear loose pants:

  • Balancing your overall silhouette is vital. Be aware of your layers so as not to overpower your figure with too much fabric.
  • As with any type of clothing or specific piece, remember that baggy pants may not be super appropriate in some cases. Be cautious when it comes to formal events such as funerals or weddings and remember the environment of whatever event you are attending.
  • You can certainly wear baggy pants to work but it will have to be carefully and tastefully done.
  • Tuck in your blouse or top. While your tops do not have to be close-fitting or skintight, you want to try and avoid extremely baggy shirts with pants as a general rule.
  • Try belting your pants to further rationalize your silhouette and draw in your waist.
  • Style with various kinds of jackets or blazers for additional fashionista points.
  • At last, have fun with your baggy pants! They are comfy and sometimes a daring clothing choice but with some trial and error, you can definitely master the look.

At times a medium, classic denim wash is all we need. Medium wash baggy jeans are possibly the most multipurpose version of the baggy jean; they can be elevated easily for a more refined, stylish look or paired down for daytime attire. You can pair your baggy jeans with a bright-colored silk top and sunglasses for feel-good look. Keep it simple to make baggy jeans the statement piece. Style them with a black T-shirt and bits of gold jewelry chain-link necklace. If you are in the mood for a lighter wash, the high-rise baggy jeans can bring the retro vibes. The ideal pale blue, these light wash jeans will look perfect with almost anything. An oversized button-down and cable knit sweater can also give an aesthetic look.

Although laidback baggy jean outfits have proven to be sophisticated, stylish, baggy jean outfits are just as easy to pull off. Invest in a dark wash baggy jean for a more refined look, and style them with your other elevated essential wardrobe pieces. Moreover, for a chic summer look, pair the high-rise loose fitting jeans with a short-sleeve button-down top tucked into the front. Add sandals, or other delicate shoes to complete the look.

North Carolina Based Brent Emerson, a renowned fashion designer with stores in North Carolina and Arizona says that these are some of the ways to look fashionable in loose fitting jeans.