Wednesday, 17 July 2024

How to Style Jewelry with Iconic Black Punjabi Suit?

Being a Punjaban or a Punjabi suit lover, you would have worn a Black suit or you must want to wear one. Undoubtedly, it’s a classic choice! Black suits have always been a part of our Punjabi suits because it is one color that suits everyone. There is a common phrase “when in doubt, go for black”.  Yes, it is a must-have in every Punjabi girl’s wardrobe. 

Now comes the styling of the Black suit. I know, you might be thinking about what is so special about styling this specific color suit. But let me tell you, Black is a color of grace and it needs proper styling, especially the jewelry which we wear with our suits. Here, we’re gonna talk about the best jewelry pieces which look phenomenal with Black Punjabi Suits.  

Choose jewelry for Classic Black Punjabi Suits

Now, if we talk about Punjabi suits, I’m gonna put them in two styles and will also help you to accessorize them. 

Any bright or light color gets a good combination with black color but when it comes to jewelry, nothing can beat the Golden and Black Combo. It is one of the Royal color combinations. You can also opt for some colored minakari and beads too. So let’s get started. 

Buy Indian jewelry with Pakistani Black Sharara Suit

Yes!! The first one is my most favourite style black suit. It’s the flowy sharara that dazzles around as you walk. The Black Sharara suit is now a trendsetter as you can see it worn by many celebrities like Karina Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

  • If we talk about the jewelry to add on. The most significant piece of jewelry would be a Passa, a head accessory. It looks phenomenal with a Black Sharara suit. I think they are made for each other. Opt for Kundan, Champagne stone or just a simple golden Passa. Trust me, it will instantly give you that perfect Pakistani royal look. 
  • Next, I would suggest a heavy neckpiece. The Sharara suit itself is Royal so to add more glam you can also opt for royalties and nothing can beat a heavy Pokli or Kundan necklace. 
  • Could you imagine a Pakistani Sharara suit without a nose pin?? No chance! Nose pin or small Nath looks glorious when worn with this black beauty. This adds up to the royalty of the suit. 

Match Perfect Punjabi Jewelry with Black Patiala shahi Suit

Most amazing piece of clothing. Nothing can match with the comfort and the simplicity of this suit. That fitted Kurti and enormously pleated Salwar look out of the world! One of the most loved Patiala Sahi suits is in the color Black. When worn with Punjabi Jutti, women feel like a true ‘majajan’.

  • To accessorize the Patiala-shahi suit, the most significant piece would be a pair of Indian anklets or Punjaban. As Salwars are narrow from the bottom so you can easily flaunt a good-looking Payal set. 
  • For the jewelry, I would highly recommend the Golden Peepal Patti Set. It is lightweight and gives a traditional Punjabi look. And, I have talked about the Black and Golden combo. Patiala suits are all about comfort and this lightweight yet gorgeous jewelry will add to it.
  • Last but not the least, a Paranda. Yes, every Punjabi look is incomplete with a long beautiful Paranda. You can go for a Multicolored or a Simple Golden colored Paranda too. Nothing can beat this combo and with an iconic black suit, it is a must. 

These are some styling tips to wear your next Black Punjabi suit with distinction. Put these accessories in your next online shopping list. If you are looking for good quality jewelry and Punjabi accessories online, visit Amazel Designs. Huge collection of trendy Punjabi jewelry and other accessories. You can get all the above-mentioned items from there in many options and at a very genuine price. Comment below, if you want to share your experience with black suits.