Friday, 14 June 2024

How to select the right clothing for seniors?

Age often binds people into a limited arena. Along with looking old they also start reducing the previous strength they used to have even a few days back. Some of the worst sufferers of arthritis or any other physical pain find it difficult to move from one place to another. Even wearing clothes becomes a nightmare for them as often stretching the hands and legs for wearing previous clothes becomes painful for them. Even the caregivers face a challenge while assisting the elderly or physically handicapped clients in wearing the clothes. Thus, brands like Ovidis have introduced the much awaiting adaptive clothes for the seniors and people with limited mobility. Tugging in the attires is much easier than easier.

Tips for selecting the right clothing for the seniors

Adaptive clothing

These are specially built clothes that are designed exclusively for people with limited mobility. There’re very few companies that take the best care in designing and tailoring adaptive clothes. They have variety in store from men’s trousers and shirts to women’s skirts, dresses, blouses and more. Premade clothes are displayed online. You can shop online and get the clothes delivered at your doorstep with the convenience of e-commerce technology. You also have room for tailor-made clothes considering the physical limitations you have whether with aging or being a physically challenged person.

Soft fabric

Choosing the ultra soft fabric for the elderly person is a must. They grow a tendency for not enjoying the formals as they used to during youth. But with softer fabrics, they might feel comfortable in wearing clothes. Seniors can have shirts, jackets and any other clothes tailored in adaptive clothing style.

Stretchable clothes

Wearing stretchable clothes is strongly recommended to the elderly and physically handicapped people. Buy the four-way stretchable clothes for moving easily. The caregivers also find it less challenging to dress up their senior clients when assisting them to wear clothes. Those who have to sit on a wheelchair find it comfortable in moving their hands while pulling their wheels to move from one place to another.  

Color and texture complementing the age

Wisely pick the color and texture of the fabric considering the age and purpose of the clothes. If you’re buying clothes for daily wear then light colors will compliment with the graying hair and wrinkled skin. It also showcases your aesthetics. But for party wear, there is no dearth of jazzy clothes in the adaptive clothes store!