Wednesday, 17 July 2024

How To Save Money On Your Promotional Products Sourcing?

All the brands are forced to live under very tight marketing budgets. If you want to run a promotional campaign using promotional power banks you cannot blindly place the order from some random supplier. Various factors need to be taken into account when you are sourcing your promotional power bank.

The cost of the promotional power bank or a promotional umbrella would vary from one supplier to the other. If you do not take enough time to screen your suppliers, you could end up spending way more than what you should for your promotional umbrellas or promotional power banks.

Many customers make mistakes while comparing the prices. It is true that you should source your promotional items at a low price but you should not make the mistake of selecting your promotional products solely based on the cost. Any price comparison effort that does not take quality factor into account is likely to falter. First pick the most dependable suppliers and secondly compare the prices among the top suppliers that you have already shortlisted. 

Find a company that offers the most comprehensive quote. Your quote will consist of three major components namely the product cost, customization cost and the shipping cost. If there are any other hidden charges, you should know that in advance. Therefore, it is best to ask your supplier whether you are required to pay any other hidden costs besides the price quoted. 

As the order volume increases, the cost is likely to increase. Try to take advantage of volume based discounts and offers. Before declaring the quantity you need you should get the rate card for the chosen promotional product based on different volume brackets. Generally, the cost of the promotional products comes down as the order volume goes up. If you have planned to run multiple campaigns throughout the year then place a blanket order to avail the volume discount and have the products customized and delivered to you in batches. This will also make things easy for you in terms of storage challenges. If you get the entire order delivered to you in one short, you need to find space to store it and you would be responsible for any damages caused in storage. 

When you get your quote make sure that you understand the quote fully. Check whether the quote includes the shipping charges or whether it would be added to the quote at a later stage. It is important not to presume things as far as product pricing and product details are concerned. 

Your goal should not be finding the lowest prices but the most cost effective quotes. The promotional items should be of exceptional quality while the prices are still reasonable. You will find many reliable suppliers of promotional products that you could consider. Just look around for long enough to find the most reliable suppliers. You need to be sure that your orders would be delivered on time without any last minute delays. 

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