Monday, 20 May 2024

How to Create A Rave Look Inspired From the Gothic Fashion?

The Goth fashion is a type of clothing style which involves only mysterious, dark and antiquated features. The members of the Goth subculture usually wore Goth outfits. The typical Goth fashion is dark lips, dyed black hair and black clothing. Both men and women wear black nail polish and eyeliner. And male Goths often use much more makeup and cosmetics than other men. Goth fashion is also sometimes confused with the heavy metal style. The Rave Alien gothic outfits available at are also dark in colour and inspired by the Goth culture.

Gothic Makeup

Gothic makeup is quite an easy way of carrying a look that goes perfect with gothic outfits. But always there is a possibility of going a little overboard. Rather than first accentuating your lips, go for the much-needed eye makeup. With dark eye makeup, heavy eyeliner and eye shadow, the look will go much better with any gothic outfits for rave parties. Also, don’t go for bright colours like pink and orange unless you will be enjoying the Gothic cyber world.

Goth Looks For Halloween

It’s October already and Halloween is knocking at the doors. It’s that time of the year when you decide which gothic outfits you should wear to carry an altogether different look. There is no better option than dressing up like a witch. Try to do some mixing and matching.

  • Go for a net skirt along with a velvet top.
  • Pair it up with a nice bracelet and choker.
  • As you can play with the look, red hair would look amazing.

You can explore the collection of Rave Alien Gothic Outfits to find the best one for you. Also, don’t forget the most important accessory for the witch look, the hat, etc. Choose an amazing witch hat to complete the look.

Gothic Style Footwear

Most people, who follow the traditional Goth style in gothic outfits, usually go for chunky black heels or boots. Boots with some elements of studs or metal on it look great. But you also have to keep in mind that your footwear has to go with the Goth style you have chosen. It is not an issue to find the right Goth shoe.

Halloween costumes can be both feisty and subtle. At Rave Alien, something is befitting every pocket, style, and taste. Not just that, you also get free shipping and heavy festival discounts too.

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