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How to choose fruit basket & bowl for any occasion

The fruit basket or bowl will undoubtedly make it easier for you to store or serve various kinds of fruit at the dining table. In addition to providing aesthetic value, with both the fruit basket and bowl, the fruit’s quality will certainly be more preserved, and you can easily find out when you should consume the fruit before it finally rots.

Many people often store fruit in the refrigerator because they cannot see the correct way to store the fruit. Even so, some fruits spoil more quickly when kept at a low temperature. Some of the fruit will ripen and taste better when stored at room temperature. So, put fruit that is not suitable for storage in the fruit basket or bowl in the refrigerator — place in a cool and well-ventilated room.

How to choose a great fruit basket and bowl

Pay attention to the size of the fruit basket & bowl

The things you need to pay attention to before choosing and then buying a fruit basket or bowl, you should know the size first. The placement of your favorite fruit should be sufficient, and the bowl should not take up too much space, especially if the design of your dining table or kitchen is quite minimalist.

But size is also important, especially when you want to use the basket and bowl for storage and parcel delivery. Because with a medium to large size, of course, the bowl or basket can contain a larger variety of fruit.

If you want to use the bowl or basket for fruit or vegetables but other items, size is important.

Choose a fruit bowl with safe and quality materials

Fruit bowls and baskets can be made of various materials, such as plastic, rattan, ceramic, to stainless steel. Make sure the ingredients you choose are of good quality and are safe. Especially plastic materials, you can check whether there is a food-grade label.

As for iron or stainless, also make sure that the material does not cause rust. It is different from rattan. You should choose one with a base or cloth on the inside so that rattan fibers do not contaminate fruit or other food ingredients.

Allows for good air circulation and is easy to clean

The fruit baskets and bowl’s selection must pay attention to the basket and bowl’s air circulation. When heat and moisture are trapped around the fruit, the fruit will rot quickly. It is essential to maintain the fruit’s quality so that it does not wilt and stay fresh.

Most people prefer to keep fruit in the refrigerator, but you can still store it at room temperature, as long as the basket or bowl has good circulation. Besides, baskets and bowls that are easy to clean will certainly maintain fruit hygiene when you store them, so they are free from bacteria, which will accelerate fruit rots.

5 Best Fruit Baskets

  1. Fruit basket 3 in 1

  1. Multifunctional Fruit Basket

Do you crave a multifunctional fruit basket? This kind of basket offers a myriad of benefits. You can use this fruit basket as a drain for washing fruits.

  1. Synthetic Rattan Fruit Basket

Bring a traditional feel to the room. This product comes with a very distinctive woven pattern, plus it is made using synthetic rattan. As a result, this product looks so classic. The color variants are also very diverse. You can choose the one that best fits the interior of the room.

  1. Stainless Fruit Basket

Are you looking for fruit baskets that are rust-resistant but don’t want to shell out a lot? Choose the one made in stainless. This product is not easily damaged or corroded.

  1. Bamboo Fruit Basket

The use of bamboo wood makes this product able to strengthen the warm impression in the room. Combined with clearly visible wood streaks plus soft colors, the natural feel is stronger. The bamboo material also makes this product naturally resistant to bacteria. The best choice is to have a fruit basket with a warm and natural feel that is also effective at preventing bacterial growth.

  1. Lotus Fruit Basket

Easy to open and close as needed and is equipped with additional “legs.” This product becomes more stable when it holds the many fruits you buy. Its distinctive design also makes this product look unique and stylish when you place it in the room.

5 Best Fruit Bowl

  1. Centerpiece Bowl

This vessel is ready to be filled to overflowing. Rising from a pert base, smoothly sloped sides are embellished, resin work is manually painted and brushed with accents of faux gold and silver for display.

  1. Gold Pedestal Fruit Bowl

This beautiful fruit bowl is entertaining yet sturdy enough for everyday life in the kitchen. It has a classic footed design that’s perfect for holding assortments of fresh fruit.

  1. Rattan Fruit Bowl

This pedestal rattan is a serving piece in rich brown tone materials. This food-safe dish will create dimension to the table or buffet while adding beautiful texture appeal for visual interest for a classic look!

  1. Wave Bowl

The wave’s rim is dedicated to rises and falls into a recurring pattern that draws the eye to display the movement of waves in the ocean. As a decor item or serving piece, which is very beautiful, this bowl can be heated or chilled before use.

  1. Raspberry Bowl

Raspberry bowl is to create luxurious and elegant housewares, tableware, and home accents. The beauty transforms mundane things into something simply but completely wonderful. The collections speak intimately into a beautiful layering of colors, textures, and themes.

The fruit basket or bowl is used to store your favorite fruit on the table or kitchen. Choose a fruit bowl/basket with the right quality and size, so you can maximize storage, and the quality of the fruit is also maintained. I hope this information helps you!