Monday, 20 May 2024

 How to Buy a Good Diamond Engagement Ring?

Two people enter into a nuptial relationship with their engagement. It is marked by the exchange of rings between them. A diamond engagement ring is best suited for the occasion but how to select a useful item in the vast jewellery market.

A Few tips for buying Diamond engagement ring [แหวน หมั้น เพชร, which is the term in Thai]:

The quality parameters to look for in a good diamond are as follows:

Cut, Clarity, Colour and Its Weight in Carat

One must possess good knowledge about these points while selecting a diamond for the engagement ring.

Shape, Style, and Quality of Cutting of the Diamond

The shape is judged from the top. The best way is round, and the others are oval, rectangular, heart, and square. The cut-style refers to the proper arrangement of its facets numbering around 57 or 58 in a good piece. Other styles are emerald cut or a radiant cut. There are various cut grades such as excellent, good, or poor. Cut-quality refers to the sparkle of the diamond in the light and gives them good appearance.

Choice of Metal

Generally, platinum or white gold is best suited for a good diamond engagement ring. However, gold is also a popular choice.


The setting of a diamond in the ring is significant. It protects the diamond and also ensures a proper display.

Side Stones

A diamond engagement ring is often adorned nicely by arranging side rocks on it. These stones enhance the dazzling look of the ring.

Lighting Conditions

While purchasing the diamond ring, it should be checked against various light conditions such as daylight, bright light or candlelight, etc. to see its shine.

Style of the Person

It should suit the person who has to wear the ring daily. For a good selection, it is best to shop together.


Fitment of the ring is a significant factor. The too loose or tight fitting ring may kill the joy of the occasion. Therefore, a fitting must be tested before taking the delivery.


Expenditure should be as per the budget and has to be decided beforehand.

Selection of the Shop

It is prudent to buy such an expensive item from a standard shop instead of getting cheated elsewhere. Conventional jewelers’ shops provide professional assistance, which is very important.

Diamond Grading Report

It is documented proof of the quality points of the diamond used in the ring.

So, buy a good quality of diamond engagement ring, get engaged, and live happily ever after.